How To Decorate Your Cubicle

With office spaces being scarce these days, office staffers are often relegated to cubicles. In most cases, these are very small spaces only partitioned by thin cubicle walls. This can be a very stressful situation that will often impede your productivity. Working in cubicles will be stressful and draining. One great way to relieve stress from harsh lights, lack of space and obnoxious officemates is by decorating your cubicle.

What you need

  • Photographs and frames
  • Small plant
  • Postcards
  • Pins
  • Desk lamp
  • Calendars
  • Mousepads

How to do it

  • Decorating your cubicle involves inclusion of everyday objects that can spice up your space. These will include photos, postcards or even your mouse pad.
  • Choose your favorite photos from home and make copies. You can easily have these reproduced at your local photo lab or even with a color copier. Frame your photos and place these on your desk. In a way, this will let your workspace your home.
  • You can get yourself a small plant, such as a cactus, fortune plant or any other potted plant that will survive indoors. Clear an area on your desk or shelf for your plant, and make sure you water it regularly (most indoor plants just need a change of water or a few drops of water per day). Plants can add life to your workspace, literally and figuratively. They give off oxygen during the day, so you can enjoy fresher air.
  • Pin up your collection of postcards on a cork board. If you’re fond of going on vacation to different places, you can collect postcards from the different towns, cities or countries you’ve been to. You can take a look at these postcards during your workday to relax your eyes, and you can even daydream about your next vacation.
  • Get yourself a colorful lamp. You can turn it on during the day, so you can offset the harsh lighting from the ceiling. If you want to be cool, get a lava lamp. The Google employees have them, and why can’t you?
  • Buy a calendar with colorful photos of something you’re interested in. If you’re a pet lover, go for something with dogs or cats. If you like cars, go for a calendar with sports cars. This will serve the dual purpose of your having something nice to look at while also being able to keep track of the days of the month or week. Just make sure your calendar isn’t “not safe for work.” For even better effect, use this calendar only for personal schedules or activities. This way, you have something to look forward to after work.
  • Use a different desktop background and screen saver from the default. Most modern operating systems will let you change this easily, and many—such as Windows 7 and OS X Leopard—even have themes that automatically change your background like a slide show.
  • Use a different mousepad. You have a lot of options that are better than the default, drab mouse pads that come with a computer package. Get one with your favorite cartoon character or color.

Use as much color as you can. Be creative—you can also consider adding other creative touches, like stuffed animals, a small garland or lighting effects. Just be sure you’re careful with adding décor. Check with your office policies if these are allowed.


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