How To Decorate Your Office or Cubicle at Work

In this day and age, you would be lucky if you had your own office room at your workplace. Unless you work in your home, or you’re a high-ranking executive, you would have to settle for a cubicle. Working in a cubicle doesn’t mean you have to be content with a plain and drab looking workspace.

If you do have an office, then good for you. You have more options in decorating, furnishing and remodeling your office.

Decorating your office

An office affords you privacy and prestige. In most companies, Human Resources will only allocate an office room to managers and executives. Sometimes even middle managers and supervisors are relegated to working at a cubicle.

Decorating your office will involve adding personal touches wherever you can. If you can afford it, or if the company is willing to shoulder the expenses, then go for nice furniture and fixtures.

  • Get yourself a comfortable leather padded swivel chair. Most office chairs are drab ones made of fabric, with a plastic base. Buy something elegant looking, with a wooden base, and soft leather. A tufted fabric will help keep you cool in warm days.
  • Get a wide, wooden table. Most offices will use a table made of compressed or engineered wood, to save on costs. But if you’re a furniture enthusiast, you can go for a long table made of hardwood, such as oak, maple or other local hardwoods. These give a touch of elegance and are also functional—hardwood is more durable and can withstand the test of time.
  • Hang artwork or pictures on the wall. Nothing can personalize an office better than through your own photos and paintings. Have photos blown up and framed. You can include photos of family members in action, or scenery from places you have visited. If your company has a collection of paintings, try to ask for these. If not, you can bring your own. You can hang other graphic arts on the wall. If you’re a movie fan, for example, you can hang promotional posters. If you’re a sports fan, you can hang posters of your favorite sport, team or athlete.
  • Add flowers or a planter. If you’re into greens, then you can also add a planter to the corners of your office. These can contain indoor plants. You can also place bonsai or other small plants on a desk. These can be good conversation pieces, and great accents to an office.

Decorating your cubicle

A cubicle is a smaller space, but don’t feel limited with the options you have for decorating.

  • Use figurines or small toys. You can place small porcelain or glass figurines on top of your monitor. If you’re a fan of models or toys, you can also use these. If your cubicle mates don’t mind, you can place these on top of the cubicle dividers, so both you and the owner of adjacent cubicles can enjoy the décor.
  • Hang drapes on your cubicle wall. Cubicle walls are often padded wood with a fabric covering. You can use push-pins to hang a decorative drapery or fabric on your cubicle wall, which can add some highlight to an otherwise plain-looking wall.
  • Use small plants. A cubicle doesn’t have much space, but you can still practice your green thumb. You can place bonsai on top of your file cabinet, as it’s usually a wide surface anyway. You can also get a fortune plant. These are indoor plants that require very little care (just change the water every week or so).
  • Pin photos or knick knacks on the cubicle wall. Another way to decorate your cubicle is by pinning photos or small paintings on the cubicle wall.

Decorating your office space is all about personalization. Make sure not to overdo it, though. You will want to keep your space organized and un-cluttered.


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