How To Design Trade Show Display Boards

Tradeshows are very beneficial to both start up and established business. They are a great venue to enhance one’s network and making sure that your product line up meets the proper audience. One of the best ways to get the audience’s attention is to have an effective display board that showcases your company and your products.


  • Display board such as a foam board or Bristol board
  • Full color printer and printing paper
  • Company graphical elements such as company logo
  • Glue


  • Start with a good size. To ensure that your company and products are well represented, your display board should be of a good size. A good starting point would be something around 6 feet in length and around 3 feet in height.
  • Make sure your logo is easy to spot. Your logo should be central in your display. It does not have to be at the center of the actual board but all of your other graphical elements should play a supporting role. One way to check your size and readability is to take a few steps away from your board and checking if from 15 feet away, if your sign is readable.
  • Write your supporting headers. Once you have your logo and company name ready, write a supporting header that will help explain what your business is all about. It should be straight to the point and not more than 15 words long. It should specify what type of business you are in and how you can help the potential reader, therefore giving the feeling of them being able to relate to your business. Lay them out simply since too scattered texts and headers will give it a messy and disorganized look.
  • Have additional illustrations. To further enhance your sign, add a few appropriate images that will help illustrate your point. For example, if you are in the mobile industry, add an image of a new mobile phone so that viewers from afar can see that you are related to this industry. You can also increase the positive response to your booth by including some illustrations on how your company is picking up on stocks or profit, so that they know, you are actually making money these days. A simple diagram on how your product can help the viewer can also contribute to the overall sense of being a successful business.
  • Enhance with handouts. To further support your vision, well-written handouts or supporting board displays within your actual booth can provide additional detail for your guests to read. Have a successful customer story printed out, with how much you are able to help them and how your business helped the customer. Some actual pictures of users with your product, a few key testimonials or past product launches would also be good supporting detail. For your handouts, details such as contact information, ready-made packages and invitations to other events must be included.

Now all you need is to have all of your information nicely printed then glue them on to your foam board. To be extra safe, it would be a good idea to print everything in duplicate so that if something happens to the first copy, you have a spare ready to the rescue.


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