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Gone are the days when you had to go out to work every morning. Rushing to the office daily, working hard throughout the day, returning home late in the evening, and hardly finding any time for your family and friends, is slowly turning out to be a thing of the past. The advent of the Internet has helped millions earn from the comfort of their homes. In the beginning, people like moms with infants to look after, drop-outs who failed to get a job, the disabled, and others who couldn't go to work every morning (due to their constraints) were the ones to prefer online earning. But lately, a lot of people have quit their jobs and work from their homes. They seem to be much happier and relaxed than before, and often earn a very good income!

An office is essentially a place where one goes to communicate with his colleagues and customers, exchange ideas and strategies, market products, send, receive and validate accounts, etc. Thanks to the marvelous development of the Internet, all of the above-mentioned activities can be now done from the comfort of our homes. You can communicate with colleagues and customers using video conferencing; promote articles using advertising on the net; market products at e-markets and so on! The net makes everything (except production) that you do in the office possible from the comfort of your home at negligible cost. Many firms are slowly recognizing this amazing potential of the net and are opting for online jobs. This article provides you with a number of ‘work at home' opportunities, many of those which have the potential to bring you a fortune!!

(A) The following are the opportunities that I am very confident of since I personally know people who have adopted these online jobs and succeeded. Unless the firm you are associating with for such jobs cheats you, these do provide a substantial assured income you can rely on.

  1. Website Building: Many people have been transformed into millionaires using this technique. What you have to do is build a site using all your creativity and expertise, popularize it and try various means of increasing traffic to your web site. The more traffic your site attracts, the more advertisers you start getting, and the more you start earning. Allowing Google ads on your site (called the Google Adsense program) helps you to increase your revenue a lot.

    You should do a good deal of groundwork to know what people expect from sites and what makes them visit a site often. Implement these qualities on your site so as to increase the popularity and hence, the traffic. Many sites offer free help on site building and traffic improvement. I am very sure of this way of earning since a few of my friends are earning a good amount of money (they aren't millionaires yet though...) with their sites. Some of them earn only through ads while others collect money from users for accessing certain features in their sites (like games or educational material), as well as ads.

  2. Medical Transcription (MT): A very reliable way of earning a good amount of money by remaining at home. I am very sure of this method because my mom and a few of my relatives are doing it and getting paid quite well. What you have to do is download dictations of doctors, listen to them and transcribe them (i.e. convert voice into text) and mail it back. Sounds very simple? It is not all that simple but I feel it's not very hard either. It needs around two months of training in medical terms and good knowledge of English. Also, if you are not American, you need to get used to their accent as most voice files are from American doctors. Before getting into it, make sure that the firm which is going to provide you with the audio files (and pay you after transcribing) is genuine. Do a little groundwork about the firm you are going to associate with before enrolling yourself.
  3. Abstract writing: Many sites pay you for writing abstracts of your views about books, current affairs or some other topics. One of my aunts is getting paid for writing abstracts for a site. The income is very limited though (maybe because she writes only a few abstracts) and I feel that you cannot rely on it as a substitute for work. It can only serve as a good way of additional income.
  4. Selling e-Books: If you are a good writer and want to write books (on any subject) or have written books which you were unable to publish, then you may try selling your book online. Many sites market e-books and you can communicate with such sites and get your book marketed. It's the soft copy of the book that you are selling and hence, there are no publishing charges either! You may have to give some commission to the site where you put up your e-book for sale, but I feel it's worth it. See to it that the very first book you are publishing is very interesting and put good deal of work into it since ‘The first impression is the best impression.' You will find customers reluctant to buy your second book (even if it is very interesting) if the first one is a flop.

(B) The following are the e-opportunities in which I don't have any personal experience but have heard a lot about from friends, relatives, mass media and workshops. I don't personally know anyone who is earning from these means, but have heard that people are earning from them. You can very well scan your circle of family and friends to see if anyone is into it and get more reliable information from them.

  1. E-marketing: This is a way by which you can market your products or ideas online. Just like a normal business, you need to advertise your products and get them sold. Thanks to credit cards and organizations like Paypal, money transfer is very simple and you can sell the product to the customer directly without having a showroom or a middleman, all from the comfort of your home. If you are good in some art, such as glass painting or clay modeling, you may also try marketing these products online.
  2. Data entry: You may try sites that offer such jobs for more information.
  3. Source code selling: If you can write good programs, then you can sell your source codes online for cash. It seems people are earning quit a lot by selling source codes or writing codes per the specifications of a company online.
  4. Educational software marketing: There is a huge demand for educational software these days. Both teachers and students find e-learning both helpful and interesting. Pictures, animations and sounds help students from kindergarten through postgraduate understand the concepts clearly. Due to the increasing popularity of computers and the Internet, there is also an increase in the need for such educational software. If you feel you can make good educational software (using simple tools like word processors, presentations and animations), then go ahead and try marketing it!
  5. Entrepreneurship: You can become a successful entrepreneur if you have a computer and Internet access! I recently read an article about a 17-year-old boy who is a successful entrepreneur and is employing around 20 people. He doesn't have an office but carries on his business through the net. He communicates with his subordinates and customers and markets his services (Search Engine Optimization) through the net. The article stated that he had clients all over the world now. However, no assured income can be expected and it very much resembles conventional business except for the reduced expenses (as no office building or traveling expenses are associated).

Wish you all the best on your online venture!


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Interesting and diverse ideas to explore here.

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Useful article. You could have perhaps added freelance writing jobs too.

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Great insight from a focused person.

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Great topic. Would like to have seen links to some specific companies I could visit online.

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