How To Earn Pocket Money Online

The Internet marketing business is booming. Everyone wants to know how to earn money online. Depending how you go about it, you can earn a little or a lot. The focus here will be on a little monthly, or pocket money because that is realistic for most people. In order to earn larger sums online, it takes a lot more time and effort and in some cases; a sum of money as investment. This comes in the form of materials, advertising and web-based services.

To the average Internet user looking to make a little pocket money, affiliate marketing is a good start. There are no special skills needed, just a little research of products and keywords and access to free classified ad sites. Advertising can be done through classifieds and also through article marketing in Ezines. Some online Ezine sites allow direct affiliate links and some do not. This is where you will need to research article directories. This is a relatively easy way to earn pocket money online. All that is required is to find an affiliate product that is making good sales and place classified ads with your affiliate ID embedded in the link. It is on autopilot and makes money for you while you sleep and do other things.

Selling products is an easy way to make money online, and there are a variety of ways to accomplish this. Put your links on your blog or website, write articles with your links and post them in article directories (free advertising), place ads in forums based on your topic and message boards that allow them. Place a link at the bottom of all of your outgoing emails as part of your signature.

Other ways to make pocket money online are doing surveys for cash or points, reading emails and signing up for offers in exchange for reward points. Some sites pay you to surf the Internet using their special toolbar, others pay you to be a secret shopper, and for paid advertisements on your blog like Pay Per Post.

Lastly, you can make pocket money online by writing articles for revenue sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Ehow. You write and post the articles and you are paid by page view and ad clicks. Most of these sites pay $1.50-$2.00 per thousand page views plus a share of the ad revenue from adsense.

When you start earning money, there is a software program from Microsoft called Ultrasoft Money that can be accessed and used from any personal device to keep track of your earnings. The software works with Palm OS and Microsoft Mobile. Enter all your spending transactions on your mobile device and it will synchronize it to your computer.

These are only a few of the ways to make money online, many others exist. Depending on how much time you have to spend working on it, you can set your own schedule and choose which projects will fit your needs and time schedule.


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