How To Find A Great Criminal Law Firm

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Having an attorney's phone number on speed dial isn't as common as your favorite pizza parlor. Reason being? Most people don't sit around contemplating criminal acts.

With that said, things happen, and one day you might need to hire a criminal law firm. 

Having a criminal defense attorney's number on hand saves you time when you need one. They know your character beforehand and are ready to act on your behalf in the time of trouble. Criminal defense attorneys know the criminal law system as well.

In this regard, you aren't forced to navigate the legal process on your own. You have an expert going before you preparing your defense. 

There are plenty of factors to consider--cost, track record, and more--when looking for a criminal law firm. Here's what you need to know.

Look for a Criminal Law Firm With Experience

Nothing beats a court case, like experience. When you're searching for the best type of criminal defense representation, start with skill and education.

The new kid on the law block may seem exciting but they lack clientele and legal experience. Hire a firm with a track record of wins. Ask them upfront how long they've been in business. 

Ask them if they've won cases surrounding the charges you're facing. For example, if you're a nurse getting sued for malpractice, you need a registered nurse defense lawyer. You don't want to hire an attorney who has no expertise concerning your legal situation. 


Does the firm you're considering come highly recommended? Consider reviews and testimonials when looking to hire a great defense firm. 

Speak to past clients first. Find out firsthand about their personal experience with the attorney. Were they treated like a human being or just another court case?

Go to the firm's website and read what others have to say. Perform a check out on different search engines for internet reviews. Sites like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp keep records of customer complaints and compliments.


Make sure the firm you're hiring has a local office. You need to be able to sit across the table from the attorney who's representing you.

In this age of modern technology, you can hire any service professional by phone or the internet. Do not hire mail-order or internet-order legal representation. Make sure they have an office near you with normal business hours.

Accessibility aids the legal process, especially considering the charges you might be facing.  


Hiring any type of attorney costs money, but it shouldn't put you out of a house and home. An honest attorney presents their fees and costs upfront. 

Ask for a ballpark figure of what your case may cost. Then inquire about a payment plan. Some attorneys allow you to pay in installments so you can afford them. If their fees are unreasonable, walk away.

You still have to live while you're fighting to remain free.  

Hire the Right Attorney

A great criminal law firm has a solid track record and plenty of experience. Before you hire one, check their background and reputation. Make sure they're local and financially reasonable.

Want more legal tips like this? Check out our business guide for legal hacks to guide you through your next experience. 


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