How To Find Centers Offering Violence Prevention Grants

If you are a member of a nongovernmental organization or a people’s organization that aims to prevent violence, setting up a prevention program that includes anything from youth violence, workplace violence, and incorporating abuse prevention trainings and seminars is a great idea. One of the first problems that you will encounter, however, is the financial considerations that are needed in setting up a violence prevention program. These programs mean that you will need an office to act as the headquarters, funds for trainings and reading materials to educate your staff on how to treat violence, and even funds for the payroll for your staff. Here are the ways to find centers offering violence prevention grants.

  1. Check NGOs. One of the strengths of a healthy non-government organization lies in their networking. Their connections and contacts are the primary source of funding that is needed for the organization to maintain its social work. In many instances, you can link and tie up with other NGOs to find a funding agency and to get grants of your own to start your own program. Keep in mind, however, that your fellow NGOs also need their own source of funding .because of this, they may be uncomfortable in sharing you their funds, unless they are certain that you can help them out in times of needs. If you understand this and if you can show the other NGOs that you are willing to help them in their own programs in whatever capacity you have, they can give you some of the best funding agencies.
  2. Check the local government. Ideally, the government is designed to meet the needs of all people in the community or the country. Because of this, most local government units will have desks and agencies that are dedicated to the issues of violence prevention. Usually, these desks and offices are very specific, such as a gender desk to ensure gender violence prevention and to foster gender equality, or family violence prevention desks that have programs that cater specifically to abused women and children in a family. While these local government units can help you find further contacts and even give you a grant, keep in mind that they are often working on a budget themselves. But the contacts that you can get from these agencies can be very helpful in getting your own grant.
  3. Check for philanthropic foundations. Finally, you can go directly to the philanthropic foundations. These foundations can be massive bodies that have deep pockets and can give you a very reasonable fund grant. Some of the well known philanthropic foundations are the Ford Foundation. Keep in mind, however, that these foundations often have very strict bureaucratic mechanisms that you need to follow. You will need to have a very detailed general plan of action or GPOA that the body will consider. You will also need to update the foundation on the status of the program, and will often need to work in a time-frame.

Once you have found the violence prevention grant that you need, you will be able to implement your programs. You can even create safe schools and an education violence abuse prevention program for the community and colleges. Keep in mind, however, that it is best to create income generating projects of your own to ensure that you will have back-up funds especially when the grant funds have run low, and when no other granting agencies are available at the time. With income mechanisms embedded in your organization, doing good does not have to hurt your personal pockets.


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