How To Get Architectural Record Magazine

If you are in the architecture field, there is one resource that you must not live without. That is the subscription of the most famous Architectural Record magazine. Why do you not need one? The magazine contains a lot of information that can serve you best for the needs in your profession. This is one investment you do not want to miss.

Now, if you still don't have a copy of this at your work area, then it is about time to start a new collection. Getting a copy is not as hard as you may think. Here's how to get your hands on a copy of Architecture Record magazine:

  1. Bookstore - You can grab a copy of this magazine in any of the bookstores near you. If you need architectural model and architectural review from month to month, then it is as simple as dropping by your favorite bookstore.
  2. Newsstand - Together with the popular newspapers there, you can also get copies of this magazine in the most popular newsstand in your area.
  3. Direct subscription - If you are one of the architectural associates that wish to be updated by a lot of news and new models, then it is best if you get a monthly subscription. You do not need to bother yourself with going to a bookstore or newsstand. It will be delivered right at your mailbox monthly. What's more, you can save in this kind of subscription for around 60 percent of the original price. You can do this by subscribing at the magazine's website at or by calling or emailing the contact information they provide.
  4. Online subscription - Aside from the magazine's home site, you can also get different deals for subscriptions from other sites where you get other architectural magazines such as:
    • Acclaim Subscriptions - Here, you just need to complete a form with your name, address, and other information. After submission, one of their customer service representatives will be in contact with you for price quotes and other details.
    • Magazine Agent - You can subscribe for a one-year supply of the magazine and you can save as much as $47 for all 12 issues.
    • - You can easily subscribe for 12 issues here with 100 percent money back guarantee. This applies for any undelivered copy no matter what the reason is.
    • Magazine Subscription Network - You can save up to 53 percent of the total 12-issue costs of the magazine when you get it from this network.

Now, what else can you look for in a magazine? It does not only give you the best architectural review and architectural model the world has today. It gives you all the convenience in getting the most out of its contents through the ease of subscription. Architectural Record magazine is helpful for a lot of your questions in the field that you are in.


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