How To Hire a Professional Speaker

There are many types of professional speakers and they all have their particular niche in the marketplace.  Some are more motivational speakers who are experts on specific topics; others are renowned for their training methods, while others are former CEOs or heads of countries who decide to enter the professional speaking arena.  You may be the president of a university and want to hire a high-profile speaker with an academic background for graduation ceremony.  Picking the right professional speaker is an art in itself.  The first step in hiring a professional speaker is to pick one related to your topic of discussion.

If you are a corporation which wants to hire a motivational speaker for a seminar or company meeting, you may try to get Stephen Covey or Tom Peters.  But they may be harder to book.  However, there are a number of lesser known speakers with excellent credentials who could do an excellent job for you.  Whatever you decide, here are some basic steps in hiring a professional speaker:

Determine the type of speaker you want.  Should they be humorous, motivational or instructional?

Get recommendations of potential speakers through professional organizations or from colleagues.  You may also find them in industry publications or their name may be recommended by another business.

Determine how large your budget is for such an event.  You want to find a keynote speaker with an exceptional reputation who meets your budget needs.

Start contacting potential speakers and tell them what type of seminar you are running.  Find out which ones will be available on the date you need them.  Ask them for a price and a press kit.

Ask them to send you a copy of their work and even videotapes of their work.  Some lesser known speakers may have time to visit you and answer questions; or they may have agents to handle those duties.  Whenever you can sit down with a potential speaker it gives you a better perspective on how well they will work out for your event.

Go to the speaker's website and do some research.  Some of these sites will obviously contain vignettes of their work.  Check the websites of several speakers and make your decision.

Hire the best possible speaker that meets your requirements at the price you can afford.


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