How To Hold Salon Staff Meetings

A staff meeting can always bring about positive results in any kind of company. Even if your salon is small or big, it will still be necessary to hold staff meetings from time to time. This is one great opportunity for your employees to get together as well as analyze situations, give solutions to problems, and do a lot of other things.

However, not all staff meetings lead to great results. When someone doesn't know how to effectively hold one, your salon staff meetings can be put into waste no matter how many times a month you hold such kind of gathering. So to guide you in holding great salon staff meetings, here are some tips you must follow:

  • Get a regular time and date for the meeting. It is important that you and the whole staff have agreed upon a most convenient time to hold a staff meeting. Hold the meeting in a regular basis so as to give an impression that the meeting is an integral part of the success of the company.
  • Decide on the frequency of the meeting. A meeting that is held once per month is fine. However, if you wish better outcomes, it is best to hold meetings twice or thrice in a month or even weekly.
  • Establish an award system. Each month, devote some time in your staff meeting to recognize an employee who has greatly abided with the rules of the company. Make use of this opportunity as well to discuss about the rules briefly. This will encourage all the employees to do well on their job as an employee.
  • Provide incentives. Even if this involves only one employee per month, providing incentives will motivate employees to excel in the tasks provided to them. Reward good employees with gift certificates, discounts, and other freebies.
  • Track goals. After recognizing great employees, it is best to provide each one of them a copy of the goals and how each of them has performed. Let them study their reports so that they can analyze how good or how bad they performed for the last few days or weeks.
  • Answer questions as a team. If one employee has a question regarding any kind of rules or reports, make sure to answer the question as a team. This will give the employee the impression that he is a part of the team and must abide with the rules as recognized by his team.
  • Celebrate success. When there is a reason to celebrate, do so in a staff meeting. Throw in some foods or other freebies to let everyone feel that they are part of the success of the company. Plus, if you do this from time to time, they will more likely work better for success.

An effective salon meeting always results into good outcomes in the end. So rather than making everyone bored with your monologue and long speeches during the meeting, make some effort to make the meeting a lot interesting for the employees. For so you know, staff meetings can be your last chance to motivate your employees to do better.


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