How To Host a Motivational Meeting

As a manager it is your duty to take care of the staff working under you. They are your support and backbone. Their hard work reflects on you. Without their support you will find it very hard to stay on top. Wrong decisions can demoralize your team and some set backs may get them down. Motivating them to work together with you for the benefit of the company and themselves is top priority to keep their morale up. You can do that by setting up a special motivational meeting with your department team.

  • Review your team’s performance for the past year and identify the low and high points of their achievements. Look for the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Assess their current performance and find out where your team is lacking
  • Confer with your supervisors to find out the reason why your team is underperforming. Request a report on what your team needs. It is probable that some office politics have affected their performance and you failed to recognize the signs. It may also be that you are demanding too much from your team and it is draining them of energy. Overworked staff will not be able to think clearly and perform at peak levels.
  • Tell your staff that you will be organizing a motivational meeting and that they are expected to attend it. Set a time and date that is convenient for your department.
  • Locate a venue for the meeting. As this will also be a team building meeting, it is best that the meeting takes place outside of the office, where your team can also enjoy the outdoors, new scenery and get their much needed respite from constant work.
  • Look for a training company that can provide your staff with games, motivational exercises, leadership training, and group projects, advanced communication skills, critical decision making and thinking on their feet. There are several training companies that provide this type of service. They can devise the training modules and the exercises to fit your department’s needs. They will provide you with trained facilitators who will give support to your team.
  • Check if they have a motivational speaker or they can refer you to one. One of the things your staff needs in new inspiration and the influx of new ideas that will make them work cohesively and constructively. This is what they will learn during the team building.
  • Compare the rates of at least three companies before you make the final decision. You should also look at their roster of clients, their training modules and session courses and the motivational games and assessment exercises they will conduct.
  • Meet with the motivational speaker and give him or her a concise background of your company, the company’s vision and mission, your department’s functions and what you hope to gain during the meeting and team building session.
  • Schedule the motivational meeting for a 3-day 2-night trip. This will inspire all the members of your team to look forward to some fun times while learning. Prepare to join in their exercise. This will give you the chance to mingle with your staff in a neutral setting. Getting to know them is part of your responsibility and can be a good reference in the future and you will also gain their trust. Encourage them to participate in open discussions and give their personal feedback. You will learn more about how your team thinks when they are not confined within the office.

After your motivational meeting and team building the company usually has a post-assessment form that they give out to the participants to quantify how much they have learned. They will then check out the results of the exercises, compare notes and give you’re a final report.


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