How To Improve Company Morale without Spending Money

Morale is the barometer of employee satisfaction within an organization. CEOs and executives aspire of having staff that come to the office motivated to deliver great results. Unfortunately, many companies today equate happiness and motivation with money, and they concentrate their efforts on giving better pay and fringe benefits, thinking that this would automatically keep their employees happy and committed. There’s no denying that monetary benefits are vital when trying to lure great talents. However, there are other ways to keep your current employees happy and attract potential employees without breaking the bank.

  • Conduct a survey. Know what your employees want via a quick survey. This way, you’ll be able to have a general feel of their level of satisfaction, as well as the things that the company needs to improve on.
  • Recognize great output. Some of your employees work for extremely long hours. Some naturally excel at what they do. Show them that their work is greatly appreciated by the organization, and in turn, they will keep on churning out excellent output. You can do this by setting up an area for employees’ “greatest moments” in the workplace – whether it’s for a great sales presentation, saving X amount of dollars just by implementing a simple process change, or acquiring new business or clients.
  • Encourage open communication. Conduct open forums where employees can share ideas on how to improve the overall company performance, then give them incentives whenever they execute an idea and bring it to life. This could be in the form of a town hall meeting, but this time, everyone can speak up. Doing this every month will give the impression that your company really promotes open communication.
  • Build your employees’ confidence in the organization’s capability to provide resources for them to succeed. You can get POVs from your top performers on how they were able to succeed and share them with every employee so that they too can feel that they can go places. Motivational talks and additional training can give reassurance that you’re also concerned about employees’ professional growth, and not just company profits.
  • Foster team spirit. Clubs within the office, non-monetary group “rewards,” and other group activities can help build camaraderie. Here are some suggestions:
        • Form interest groups (book clubs, hobby groups, sports teams, etc.) – great venue for employees to talk about common interests with their officemates.
        • Regular potluck lunches – a great way to bring different teams together in a nice, casual setting.
        • “Play time” – give your employees a couple of hours every month or so to play. This will be a nice change of pace for them, and would also serve as a mini team-building session. Board game tournaments and modified parlor games (so that they’re not so “kiddie”) would also help.
        • Charity day – You can set aside one day every year where you allow a group of employees to volunteer for charity work. Build team spirit and help the less fortunate at the same time!
        • Give an additional day-off to teams that have accomplished a great achievement for the company.

Here are just some ways in order to build morale. Of course, every organization has a unique set of issues and employee profiles. Make sure that you tailor-fit your morale solutions in order to get better results.


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