How To Increase Your Avon Sales

There’s an inner salesman in everyone and that includes you. Knowing your character strengths should also aid in your salesmanship as you can use this to your advantage when making sales talk. For instance, you can use your great sense of humor or extraordinary wit to seal the deal. Plus, here are more helpful tips to specifically increase your Avon sales.

  • Know your catalog inside out. It’s easy to undermine the very catalog of products you are selling. There might be something new and specific that you know your regular buyers or friends are looking for. So don’t overlook it. Take some time out to remember the latest releases or variations of a product.
  • Always make new friends. Making more friends means creating a wider pool of contacts that could possibly be potential customers. So try to get out of your comfort zone and put in the extra effort to make new friends. While you’re waiting at the dentist’s clinic or at your child’s parent-teacher conference, look around and scan the room. Introduce yourself to people who seem like the market for Avon.
  • Create a list of potential customers. Apart from your neighbors and friends, go through your phone book and list down all the people who may seem interested in the products in the catalog. That’s why it’s important to know your catalog thoroughly so you know who these potential customers on your phone book might be.
  • Make a checklist of follow-ups. Surely there are many who tell you they’ll get a particular item the next time they see you or there are some who look really interested to buy something but it wasn’t in their color preference. Make a checklist of these people with their names alongside which item they wanted. Call them up after a week to remind them that the product they wanted is almost sold out. For those whose products are finally released in the color preference they wanted, make sure to call them back as well.
  • Post your new Avon products on your social networking sites. With the age of the Internet, there is no excuse that your friends or contacts don’t know about your range of Avon products. So as not to seem pitifully desperate and posting out a status constantly referring to Avon on your Twitter, Facebook or Friendster, you may opt to privately message friends and contacts who you know may be interested. You may also upload a link that shows the image of the new product or products you’re promoting.

Selling Avon products should be fun and not a chore. Your disposition when you sell and talk to people will always affect your sales. Make sure that when you are out in the field, you are in the right mood. Smile and be sincere. It’s better to give yourself a break when you’re sick, tired or simply not in the mood to do your Avon sales talk. It’s better to wait for the right time an make a good impression than to scare off potential buyers with a bad mood.


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