How To Involve Employees in Decision Making

The basic element of the rational decision making process consists of establishing goals and objectives, identifying problems, developing and evaluating alternatives, choosing an alternatives and implementing it, as well as evaluation its result. This model is derived from the classical decision theory which assumes that people are rational decision makers who have immediate access to all relevant information, and who can identify all feasible solutions and evaluate them.  

The master slave model had been used in different countries including families where subjects where under royal highness. This is the reason why some businesses function with only this model available. However, this is no longer applicable to our modern world today because employees need to be a part of the decision-making since they are practically at the front line in the day-to-day activities of the company. As part of company management you need to tap your employees' strength by involving them in the team building effort. Managers who oversee productivity need to be extra sensitive about their employees' strength and weaknesses so that they know whom they can rely on in times of crisis.  

The concept of employee involvement originates from a leader kind of philosophy where people contribute to the effectivity of the company and improvement is continuous. Companies that employ this strategy are most successful in areas of their business. Add to that, there is a healthy work environment that occurs when employee and employer are always in constant communication with each other. Employee involvement means setting an atmosphere in the office where the impact of decision and actions necessarily affect their job. 

It is important to note, however, that employee involvement is not to be the ultimate goal in an organization. It is the management philosophy about how people are allowed to contribute their own ideas for the good of the entire company. Positive change will occur if management is able to facilitate this strategy. An effective change management will impact the whole company until the last employee.  

One approach in soliciting ideas from employees is using a suggestion box. A suggestion box will encourage employees to give in their ideas without being questioned as to their motives. However, employees who are assigned to handle this suggestion box often do not take this job seriously. The suggestion box is just left in one corner and not utilized properly but this can be maximized to contain all suggestions and comments that will help the company to improve its products and services. 

Another approach in soliciting the suggestions of employees in the decisions of the company is through the brain storming approach. This is the valuable tool because all ideas are welcome. The group is also encouraged to send their suggestion. Moreover, this will help employees put their thoughts into writing without any censorship. Thus, company management will be able to gauge the overall outlook of their staff.

Management can also ask for group decisions. As a general rule, group decisions tend to be more accurate than individual decisions but for only certain kinds of problems. Group decisions can be superior when the problems have multiple parts, which allows for a division of labor among the group members. Moreover, group members have complimentary skills and information. Group decision-making is also best done when the problems involve estimation rather than creativity.  


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