How To Keep Employees Motivated and Happy

Your employees keep your company running by doing all the "dirty work" assigned to them. Often times, employees get less motivated because of factors such as stress and lack of inspiration. Unhappiness in work follows these factors and eventually leads to people quitting their job. So how do you keep your employees you ask? Of course, do the opposite; make them motivated and happy!

Employees are easily susceptible to quit their job if they don't find it amusing anymore. So here are some tips to keep them motivated and happy - and it turn, keep them from quitting:

  • Give salary bonuses. Of course, who doesn't want to get extra money? No employee would turn down a bonus. Whether it's a holiday bonus, Christmas bonus or thirteenth month pay; an employee looks forward to these increases in their paycheck.

  • Don't forget to compliment your employees. Often times, employers tend to overlook the simple things. A simple note saying "Well done Mr. Smith", an e-mail message or a phone call will mean a lot to stressed-out employees. 

  • Treat your employees on the same level as you. Letting them feel that they are important will certainly make them feel happy and motivated to do their job. Pay attention to opinions and proposals. If they have problems, sort it out with them and do the same if you have problems. It is a good thing to treat them as ace players rather than work slaves.

  • Don't forget incentives for those top notch employees. Doing this also keeps other employees on their toes. This will be a great motivation to do excellent work. These incentives can be one of the following:

  1. Concert or movie passes

  2. Vacation trips

  3. Commissions (if the job requires selling things)

  4. Salary bonuses

  5. Business dinners (especially for teams)
  • Put recreational activities in your company's work place. A relaxing spa, massage chairs, gaming zone, break room or coffee bar will help reduce stress for your employees. Just make sure that these are accessible only to employees on break time or after their shifts, otherwise no one would work and everyone will be slacking off.

  • Give your employees some challenging jobs. The word is challenging, not rock hard. By doing so, they will have some sense of willpower to perform their jobs. This is a great motivation since your employees will think that you are placing great trust on their handiwork.

  • Be an excellent example to your employees. To have good employees, you must be a good leader. If they see you working as hard as them, they will have the impression to do things as good as you do. Arriving at the work place before your employees and monitoring them as they work is a good way to show you are sincerely working and determined to do your job. Do not disregard your company's rules just because you are the boss. Always remember that a good leader must be a good follower.

Happy and contented employees are motivated employees. If they feel very much respected and cared for, they will certainly give off equivalent service and stay in your company.


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