How To Keep Yourself Afloat if You are Unemployed

With the state of the economy many people are finding themselves unemployed and are therefore lacking funds. There are many ways to try and stay afloat financially in these rough economic seas. You can attempt to monetize personal skills such as being a writer or heavy lifting. You can take up the art of flea marketing. There is always the unemployment benefits route. If all else fails, and you can manage it, take out a small loan to tide you over. Here's how to stay financially stable when you are unemployed.

  1. My first suggested course of action if you become unemployed is that you put in job applications at least three times a week and at ten locations. It does not matter what type of job you are qualified for. You are trying to find any type of income at all.
  2. Now for methods of keeping your head above water in these down turned times. Monetizing your personal skills is easy. Finding someone to purchase your skills takes a bit more effort. One suggestion I can give is to become a freelance writer for companies who pay up front for content you create and if you work diligently you can actually make writing into a career.
  3. If you aren't a capable writer then discover what talents you have. If nothing else you can hire yourself out to do manual labor, yard work, and general repairs for people who can't afford to hire a professional. You might not make a great deal of money doing this, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
  4. Another great way to make money when you're unemployed is to take up flea marketing. This route is great if you have a small amount of seed money and a vehicle capable of hauling merchandise. Several methods of locating merchandise for resale are: Visit local storage facilities to see if they are auctioning any bins off soon. Ransack your old belongings that you don't need. Go to flea markets and swap meets to peruse the local wares.
  5. Once you have some merchandise you must locate a local flea market or have a yard sale of your own. The flea market brings its own traffic but you must tell people about the existence of your yard sale with a few well placed fliers in high traffic areas.
  6. If you cannot monetize your skills, labor, or personal acquisitions then unemployment benefits from your state may be available to you, depending on your former job. Do not allow any sense of pride to overwhelm your common sense. If you can apply and receive unemployment benefits then do so! Those benefits are a major asset.

Once again, if all else fails try to borrow money either from an accredited lender or family.


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