How To Learn About Restaurant Bar Stool Designs

It may not be direct, but using the right bar stools can be the reason why a customer likes to go to your restaurant bar. Having some nice design of stools aside from your high-end equipment can truly give a classy and sophisticated appeal to your bar. If you're ready to make your pick, then read on for how to understand the different bar stool designs.

1. Types - The best bar stool design will be the most appropriate type for your restaurant bar.

  • Swivel bar stools - This kind of bar stool allows you to freely move 360 degrees while you are still sitting on it.
  • Backless - This type does not need to be a swivel because you can already freely move while sitting on this.
  • Kitchen - This is usually made out of wood and is higher than the conventional kitchen chairs. Kitchen bar stools are best for kitchens or in breakfast bars or at a kitchen island.
  • Counter - This bar stool is best for bar counters because they usually have the look and size that can fit in the bar.

2. Size - Bar stools come in different heights, lengths, and widths because there is no specific standard for this.

  • Short - These stools are commonly used as extra chairs, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Extra tall - This is a bit higher compared with the common bar stools you see. The height of this makes it perfect for bars as well as counter spaces.
  • Adjustable - As its name suggests, this bar stool type has an adjustable height to cater to all people of different heights to sit on it. This can be a very practical choice though this is mostly not that stylish.
  • Bar height - This owns a height that makes it just right for your restaurant bar.
  • Counter height - This can be your next best option for counter space seating.

3. Style - Aside from the type and size, you can also choose the best bar stools for your restaurant bar depending on the style.

  • Modern - Clean, sleek, and practical.
  • Contemporary - Soft, detailed, and curved.
  • Country - Humble, old-fashioned, and elegant.
  • Traditional - Antique, classical, and detailed.
  • Casual - Relaxed, informal, and homey.

4. Materials - You may also choose the most appropriate bar stools depending on the material.

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Wrought iron
  • Aluminum
  • Leather

Knowing the different designs of stools and furniture is not enough if you really want to boost the good and relaxing ambiance in your restaurant bar. There are many other restaurant guides you should take whether you have a pizza restaurant of French restaurant.


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