How To Learn Safety Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a branch of government dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety while also enforcing those businesses and individuals who break the law.  OSHA sets and maintains the standards of workplace safety.

The chief enforcer of the standards and promoter of good safety habits is the OSHA Inspector.  These individuals are well-trained advocates for the health and safety of workers in every industry.  OSHA offers programs that allow individuals to receive this same safety training.

When in the workplace, the safety of one employee may mean the safety of all employees.  For this reason, it is important to have someone qualified to give advice and teach other employees about proper safety procedures.  OSHA offers several programs that can help someone become qualified to hold safety training sessions.

OSHA Training Institute

This is a dedicated institute expressly designed for students who attend to learn safety training techniques.  Graduates who complete certain parts of the curriculum will have undergone the same training as federal safety compliance officers and will be able to provide valuable information and insight into different safety measures.

All classes are given at the OSHA Training Institute which is in Chicago near O’Hare International Airport.  These classes are held only at this location.  Tuition is required.

OSHA Safety Outreach Program

Because OSHA cannot open campuses everywhere and staff them with government employees, the Outreach Program allows private citizens to become certified safety trainers.  The potential students must have some background in occupational safety - either a related degree or five years of experience.

If that qualification is met, then it only takes a few classes for that person to become an OSHA safety trainer capable of teaching 10- and 30-hour classes to others.  Through a network on the OSHA website, these trainers can be found and classes taught outside of the Illinois campus anywhere in the country that there are workers willing to learn.

Teaching aids and student completion cards are available to instructors once they complete the courses.

OSHA Library

This is maintained as a Resource Center that contains over 600 videos and DVDs on over 100 different topics.  It is available primarily to Outreach trainers, and is specifically designed to make the task of workplace safety training easier.

If you decide to learn safety training, your business will thank you.  Be sure to investigate the availability of grants and scholarships through the OSHA website at  You may be able to take classes for free in areas of high need.


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