Create a Company Profile for a Successful Marketing Strategy

Business Tips to Help Share Your Company Mission Statement

A company profile is a brief summary about their objectives and goals, its history to date, and milestones achieved along the way. It is one of the best tools to showcase performance and grab new investors, employees, customers, or other parties. 

It can be a slick, colorful brochure detailing information or it can be a page on the website, usually written in sections titled "About Us" or "Who We Are", etc. Follow the guidelines and business tips listed below to prepare your own.

Step 1

Why make one? The main purpose behind this tactic is to approach new segments important to growth. It can be directed towards potential investors if you're looking for funding, new customers in order to expand, or new employees to aid growth and expansion.

Step 2

What should it contain? There are a few basic elements of content that must be addressed. This information includes all the contact details such as phone numbers, physical address, mailing address, and perhaps a map that shows the physical location of the company.

Step 3

Make an outline. To get started, make a general profile that includes sections highlighting relevant information specific to a certain segment, but also providing an overall view of the ethos and principles. This should include an introduction, brief history, and relevant data in terms of income, revenue, structure, infrastructure, resources, products, professional experience, and capacity. You should also include goals and future plans, both in the short and long term; testimonials from existing customers, employees, and major investors; and anything in the line of a mission statement, slogans, or "guiding philosophies".

Step 4

Give the background. Explain the origins in this section, allowing visitors to become familiar with your history. You should include the motivation that drove the founder to his/her decision to open a business, the achievements, and goals.

Step 5

Make a page for management. The company has a lot of hard-working men and women that run every facet of the business, you should highlight the important things they do. Each person’s introduction must have their title within the company as well as a presentation of their successes.

Step 6

Presentation and length. As an indicator about the healthy prospects and future, a profile should be professionally created. A good one must have no errors, and if it is designed as a brochure it is preferable to get it professionally made using quality paper, printing and structuring. As a page on the website, it should be attractive in appearance, immediately catching a reader's eye and interspersed with relevant pictures and sub-headings. The length will depend upon the information you wish to provide, but a good rule of thumb is about 10-15 pages. Any more might actually bore the reader and become a waste of efforts, and any shorter than that might indicate a weak position and make the reader question the potential.

Step 7

Tailor-made profiles. While a general, public profile is essential, you may also want to make tailored marketing ones aimed at a specific group of people, say investors. Such a specifically written business marketing tool can include information in a corporate profile that may not have much relevance to other segments or groups, such as customers or employees. Taking this time to consider your business audience in a partial revision can sharpen your corporate image. The tailor-made profile you then send out to interested parties provides them with a bird's-eye view of information relevant to their interest, creates expectations, and provides a glimpse as to how these expectations will be fulfilled.

Step 8

When to use this tool? The answer to this question is any time. Don't make one because you want to attract potential investors or customers. Rather, once you've been in business for a couple of years, prepare and keep upgrading it at least once a year. Make sure to keep adding achievements and growth prospects as they happen. Keeping it up to date is good business promotion for corporate branding.


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