How To Make a Decision Tree

A decision tree is a device that is used to help people determine what the impact of their decisions will be. There are decision trees that are used in colleges, to help students understand their career options depending on the type of courses that they take and the type of jobs that they will have after graduation. There are also decision trees that are used in many companies to help employees determine what course of action they should take when faced with a certain task. Here’s how you can make your own decision tree.

  • Determine the theme. First of all, you need to determine what the decision tree is all about. For instance, is the decision tree about marriage, about raising kids, about what course to choose in college, about what jobs a person should take? There are an infinite number of themes that you can choose for your decision tree. The important thing is that you make the “decision” for the decision tree as concise and clear as possible, so that you will be able to limit the outcomes that will comprise the decision tree.
  • Determine the variables. After you have determined the decision for the decision tree, the next step is to find out the variables that apply to the decisions. The variables are basically the factors that you need to take into consideration, depending on the type of decision that you are making. The variables should be clear and concise as well, and should be related to the decision that you are making.
  • Determine the possible outcomes. After you have determined the variables, the next step is to determine all of the possible outcomes from the decision. This will help the person see what possible choices he actually has, and what the effects of each decision will be. Again, you need to make sure that the possible outcomes are realistic and are all interconnected to the decision. At this point, you already have the basic outline for the decision tree. But if you want to make a more comprehensive decision tree, then you should add more effects and more possible choices that may need to be made, depending on the first decision, and what effects these other choices can have.
  • Draw out the decision tree. Drawing out the decision tree means that you will attach the variables and the possible choices and the possible outcomes to the initial decision tree that you made. If you make a decision tree about whether you will go into a relationship or not, the basic possibilities is yes or no. To draw out the decision tree for this type of decision, you can add the effects and decisions that you need to face if you answer yes, and if you answer no.

Finally, once you have finished creating the decision tree, the final step is to encode it using a program such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher. Afterwards, save the file and print it. Once you have printed the decision tree, you can hang it in the house or send it to your employees.


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