How To Make Beaded Necklaces for Name Badges

Is wearing your identification card, name tags, or name badges a major drab or a hassle? And using an ID lanyard, strap, or clip is simply not your thing because it does not conform to your style of your look. But you do however realize the importance and the convenience of wearing your identification. No need for you to worry anymore, this is a simple dilemma that can be solved with a simple solution.

The solution is as simple as making a personalized look for your own necklace. In this way, you get to use your identification card or name badge without even worrying how tacky your necklace looks. And the easiest way to achieve this is by using beads. Here are some tips on how to make beaded necklaces for name badges.

  • Before getting tied up. Making beaded necklaces for name badges is easy, if you are ready to do it. If you do not prepare for this project, you will end up with an unattractive looking necklace. And you will end up not wanting to wear your name badge again. So to start this project you need to have beads. Pick the beads you like so you can really personalize what you are going to use. Then have a plastic lanyard cord. Choose a good looking one, a one you like. So it is easy for you to personalize. Get a lanyard cord that is 45 inches in length. A clamp end grip is in order as well as a pair of scissors. If you have the pieces that you like, you are set to make beaded necklaces for your name badges. It is also to have more than two designs in mind so you can make more than one beaded necklaces for name badges.
  • Bead it in. To begin your beaded necklace for name badges, get one end of your lanyard cord. Then jazz it up with colorful beads, or whatever bead design that you want. Then bead-by-bead, fill up your lanyard. The ideal length filled with beads is 36-inches. To be sure you can always measure or fit the lanyard while you are beading it. Just make sure that you hold the other end so that the beads will not fall off.
  • Tie it up! Now that the beads are in place, you have to make sure that they will not fall off. To do just that, get the ends of the lanyard. Then insert it through a loop in your clamp end grip. Make sure that the lanyard is properly inserted. On the opposite end of the clamp end grip, tie the loose lanyard ends into knots.
  • Tagging it! Now that the lanyard is secured, get your name badge. Tighten the clasp of the clamp so you can insert your name badge on it. With that last addition your beaded necklace for name badges is complete. Now that you know the steps, you can make more designs and more looks to match your style.

Wearing a name badge will no longer be a hassle for you. With your personal touch, that necklace for your name badges fits your style.


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