How To Make Black Light Ink

Black light ink refers to liquid, which reabsorbs ultraviolet rays that are released by a black light. These ultraviolet rays, in turn are re-emitted as light that is visible to human eye. Obviously, exposure to black light makes black light inks glow. There is a number of ways on how to produce black light ink. You just need the following:  kerosene, optical brighteners, small paintbrush, glow powder, and water.

Here’s how to create black light ink using kerosene:

  • Write with kerosene. Dip the paintbrush into the kerosene. Wipe away or shake off the excess, and then write something on a paper using the paintbrush with kerosene. Place the kerosene in a secure area with good ventilation, and allow it to fully dry. Make sure that you have tightly closed the container of the kerosene once you are finished with it.

Here are the steps on how to produce black light ink using optical brighteners:

  • Mix, paint, and expose. Mix water with optical brightening detergent. You can find this detergent in most groceries or supermarkets. It is also known as optical brighteners, fluorescent brightening agents, optical brightening agents, or fluorescent whitening agents. It is a type of dye that can absorb light from an ultraviolet region. It actually glows when subjected to ultraviolet light.
  • Add more water. Keep on pouring more water into the mixture until it turns thin. Its thinness should be just right to be brushed or painted on a piece of paper using your small paintbrush.
  • Test the mixture on paper. Put a little amount of the prepared mixture on a piece of paper and then check if it is capable of drying clearly. If you see that it does not clearly dry, you should make the brightener thinner by adding more water. However, if you simply want to make the message glow, then you should not worry about this procedure. This step should be carefully taken into consideration only when you wish to make the message invisible first.
  • Paint and expose. Paint the message you want on the paper and then let it dry. After this, expose the piece of paper with the message to black light to view the invisible message.

To make black light ink using glow powders, here’s how:

  • Mix glow powders and water. Add glow powders into a container with water. There is a wide range of glow powder products available in the market. You can choose one based on grades as to brightness, color, and length of glow. Glow powders are primarily used in the production of other products like glow paint, luminous sticker, thread, and fiber.
  • Blend desired color. Pick the glow powder’s color that you want to use. You should match its color with the paper you will use. You should be extra careful with this, and you might have to do a little experiment. You should produce a pigment that seamlessly blends with the paper’s color. Again, if you just want the message to glow and not invisible, then you can select any color pigment that you want.
  • Dip and paint. Dip the paintbrush into the mixture of glow powder and water and then paint the message you want on the piece of paper. Allow the mixture to dry and then make it exposed to black light to be able to view the message glow.

Black light basically lightens fluorescent items for them to glow. You can actually buy fluorescent products but you can also produce one like black light ink at home by just using household products commonly seen at home. Try experimenting with such items to see what releases the most beautiful glow.


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