How To Make Employees Feel Valued and Happy: The Best Tips

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Are your employees happy?

If you do not know the answer to that question, then you may want to find out how your staff feels. When you make the workspace a happy place for your employees, you create a more productive and trustworthy force.

Do you know how to make employees feel valued?

The 101 on How to Make Employees Feel Valued

Improve your business by focusing on employee happiness. Read on to learn about employee well-being and how to create a happy team!

Ask Them How They Feel

This little gesture will go a long way. When you ask a person how they feel and what measures will help them feel better, it shows that you care.

When people feel cared for, they tend to reciprocate. In the workspace, this translates to them putting more effort into their work

Asking this question will also give you a more accurate idea of what else you can do to increase employee happiness. Sometimes people want something unique that others may not think of.

Ask Them for Input

While asking questions, do not forget to ask for input about the job. This shows that you value their opinion.

It also shows that you trust your employees' judgment. Why is it so important for employers to trust employees?

Researchers created a trust game. Withing this game they looked at several aspects of trustworthiness. 

In the last two investigations, they found that increased vulnerability of the trustee and a higher expectation for responsibility made participants act more trustworthy. This means, trusting your employees with business plans, especially when it creates vulnerability within the business, will help build a team that acts in your best interest.

Trusted people act trustworthy. Plus, this delegates some of the work and opens up the company to new perspectives and interesting ideas, which can help it grow.

Define Goals Clearly

Clearly defined goals will help employees understand exactly what they need to do and what their work will result in. This will eliminate confusion and help them see the bigger picture.

Doing so will make them feel less stressed and more a part of it all. This will lead to increased productivity.

Offer Recognition 

According to research, over 80% of employees report working harder when their employee shows appreciation for their work. This can significantly boost productivity for your company!

Employee recognition can take on all different forms. Start by sending simple thank you notes every now and again to brighten their day.

Some businesses implement employee of the month. This system highlights somebody who worked especially hard during that period of time, and usually pus their name and picture up where everybody can see it.

Annual award ceremonies also help everybody feel appreciated. The entire workforce will enjoy dinner on the company, and the people who made impressive progress will love seeing their work recognized.

You can also share big successes with them. When your profits exceed expectations, offer a percentage of it in a bonus check to everybody involved.

Even a small sum will show that you appreciate all that they did to help. All of these systems will make people happier and more productive, as they will want to share in the spotlight.

Stop Assigning Work  

Rather than assigning work to people, put it up for grabs. People will feel happier with the job because they can choose which assignments best suit them.

This will also allow people to switch up the routine. It will make their work more exciting.

Moreover, People often do not like to feel like they are being told what they need to do. It can lead to resentment. But, with this system, they will feel better about having a choice in the matter.

Plan Teambuilding Activities

Teambuilding activities help people discover their strengths and weaknesses while learning their roles in the dynamic. On top of developing a more efficient team, these activities strengthen workplace bonds and create a happy team. It will also build self-efficacy as each person contributes their unique talents.

Though holding them in the office can save time and money, your employees will appreciate engaging in some that do not feel work-related. Try some of the following fun activities! 

Escape Room

This game confines all of the participants in a room or themed setting. They get a certain amount of time to find the way out. This requires the team to strategize in finding clues and solving riddles that will lead them to an escape.

Paint Ball Capture the Flag

Encourage some healthy competition and make it messy! You can play it at a number of paintball facilities around the country.

Employees will break off into two teams and try to protect their flag while attempting to steal the other team's and bring it back to base. When you get shot with a paintball, you sit until a team member tags you back into the game. The first team to capture the other flag wins.

Aerial Adventure Course

Take your team to the top! An aerial adventure course is an obstacle course with ropes, bridges, zip lines, and more to traverse with a harness.

These courses can get insanely difficult and physically demanding. This helps teammates encourage each other through struggles and fears while overcoming their own and feeling a huge sense of accomplishment at the end.

Create an Employee Wellness Program

Creating a wellness program for your employees can help improve their physical and mental health. This leads to fewer sick days, more productivity, and an increase in morale.

Your employees will feel cared for and valued. You can offer general health benefits, gym memberships, guided meditations, yoga, nutrition classes, counseling, and community service activities, to name a few.

Value Your Staff

Now that you know how to make employees feel valued, get on it. Your business will thrive and the office will feel like a happier space where people look forward to spending their days.

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