How To Make Money by Typing

Online typing or typing at an office is a simple way to make a good living. Learn how to begin an enjoyable and profitable career in typing.

Step 1

Practice, practice, practice. If you want have a job as a typist, either online or at an office, you must be proficient in typing. You cannot be pecking away at the keyboard with two fingers. A simple way of practicing is to read a book and type out the words as you see them.

Another useful method of practicing is by using online resources. These types of programs allow users to practice a variety of sentence structures and can increase your general knowledge of what it takes to make a living off of typing. Two quality sites are and These programs will help increase your typing speed and accuracy while still allowing you to have fun. 

Step 2

Apply for positions. If you want to make money by typing online, there are a wealth of resources available. Many websites offer to pay you for typing, but you must make sure to choose a trustworthy company. If they don't offer to refund the membership fee in a trail period, stay away.

If you are looking to apply for positions on location, simply pick up a phone book or use a job networking site to get your name out there. Calling businesses straightforward is another useful tactic. When applying in person, it's important to remain calm and confident because they may ask you to complete some basic tests. Shaky fingers could cause big problems.

Many of the typical typing positions offered by businesses start out with mundane data entry. Before you get yourself into a job like this, take the time to see if you can deal with long strings of seemingless endless and meaningless words. Show an attention for detail and impress your employer right off the bat!

Nothing hurts your future prospects as much as complaining or quitting. If you can develop a tolerance or even affinity for these types of tasks, you should see more doors open up.

Step 3

Build your portfolio and contacts. Having a list of satisfied customers can do wonders when applying for additional positions. If you keep a record of previous employers, you can let others show off your efforts without you having to say a word. Let your work talk for you.

Typing online or on location can provide you with a flexible way to make a healthy amount of money. Give it a try!

Zach Bauguess is a freelance journalist with articles written on a variety of topics ranging from cooking to cars to crafts.

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