How To Make Money Having Fun with Pets

Having pets around is fun, thus a lot of people spend money to have and take care of pets. If you’re a pet lover as well, then you’re in luck. There’s plenty of ways to make money while being with adorable creatures.

  • Be a pet sitter. A pet sitter takes care of other people’s pets when they’re busy or not around. Pet owners may leave the pets at your place. Or, you may be asked to go to the pet owners’ homes and take care of the pets there. To be a pet sitter, you need to know how to take care of different animals. List down what the pet owners want you to take care of, such as the pets’ food, routines, preferences, health conditions, etc. If you’ll be caring for different kinds of pets, keep them separate from each other.
  • Be a dog walker. Give dogs and yourself an exercise by walking dogs. To be a dog walker, you must have a sturdy dog leash that can hold many dogs. Take note that there is a law about the maximum number of dogs that are allowed to be held on a singe leash. Ask your city hall regarding this. Aside from this, you must have adequate knowledge about different dog breeds. Be familiar with things like how a breed of dog usually behaves, what it needs, etc.
  • Be a pet groomer. Pet owners not only want their pets to be taken care of; they also want to make their pets look good. Go to a pet grooming class to know how to be a pet groomer. Get pet grooming materials such as nail clippers, brushes, shampoos, etc. Follow the fads of pet grooming, or ask the pet owner about how they want their pets to be groomed.
  • Be a veterinarian. To be a vet, you need to take up a 4-year college course for veterinarians. Start as early as high school and take all the subjects that are required for a veterinary degree. Pass the exams to acquire your license. Gain experience as a vet by being an intern or assistant for veterinarians.
  • Run a pet shop. Sell a variety of pets. Put them in attractive displays. Sell cages, aquariums, pet food, dog leashes, and other items that pets need. Offer books about taking care of pets.
  • Be a pet trainer. Attend programs that teach how to train pets. Training pets usually involve teaching the pet the action then giving a reward when the action is correctly performed. People will hire you to train their pet, or pay you to watch your trained pet perform on pet shows.
  • Sell pet clothes and accessories. Clothes for pets are becoming popular nowadays. Make and design pet clothes for pets to wear, as well as accessories like hats, shoes, necklaces, and tags.
  • Take photos of pets. People love to look at pets and want to take pictures of them. Offer your services as a photographer for pets. Put them in cute frames with animal designs.
  • Organize pet shows. Have pet contests where people take their pets to compete. Ask a small fee from the participants who are interested in joining. As incentive, give rewards to the winners.

Before doing any of these, ask your city hall officials about whether you need to acquire a permit. Advertise your pet services to the local neighborhood, or seek a larger market. In any case, be better than your competitors. Most importantly, be good at what you do and you’ll earn a lot.


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