How To Manage a Call Center

Managing a call center requires a combination of skill and communication, along with the ability to plan and manage budgets, statistics, and personnel.

Call center managers are often given requirements and statistics from their home offices that they need to meet.  They are told where their center needs to fall in meeting the demanded quotas.  Failing to do so can result in a center closure.  Oftentimes, one center is pitted against others in different locations.  It's therefore very important to make sure that you have a plan in place that will keep your center on course with the home office objectives.

Delegation to lower level supervisors and managers is also key in managing a call center successfully.  Depending on the size of the operation, delegation becomes key to meeting your goals as a call center manager.  Your management team is the pulse of the center.  They will be your eyes and ears for the everyday staff, and they will have the responsibility of conducting performance appraisals and making sure that the call center workers are meeting the goals that you've set.  Making sure that these managers have the tools they need to do their jobs appropriately is ultra important.  They must be empowered to act within the guidelines you set down.

Being a successful call center manager also requires the ability to stick to your center's budget.  You must be willing and able to juggle your staff as necessary to ensure that all center tasks are adequately manned and handled.  This objective is tied in strongly with the requirements and quotas mentioned previously.  Managing a call center means being able to make the tough calls as well as being able to project the needs of the future.

Finally, communication is vital when running a call center.  Your staff, from the management team to the part-time staffer, needs to know what is going on as respects their duties, what is expected of them, and changes or decisions that affect them.  Ignoring your personnel or leaning too much towards a 'need to know' attitude can alienate workers and result in displeasure among the ranks.  That usually leads to less job satisfaction and a lower productivity rate.

The successful call center manager will have all of the attributes mentioned above and even more.  How well they incorporate these skills into practice will have a direct impact on their call center and their personnel.


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