How To Motivate Contract Workers

Employers often claim that contract employees are the worst employees that they have ever had because of their lack of motivation. This does not have to be the case. With the right tactics it is possible to have wonderful experiences with contract workers that are motivated, dedicated, and want to come to work every morning.

When working with a contract employee it is important to remember that they know that this is only a temporary position. For this reason it is important to provide contract workers with challenges that will enable them to grow and training to enable them to benefit your company as well as give them something new to put on their resumes when the contract is over. Your contract workers are likely to believe that they are getting the equivalent of paid career training if you provide them with opportunities to grow in their careers while they are working for you. The benefit to you as the employer is that you will have more educated employees working for you as long as you are employing them.

Provide incentives to your contract workers to do well. Rewards can vary in nature and value, but any reward system is destined to provide far better results than no reward system. Opportunities such as raffles, gift cards, catered lunch, and paid time off can be used to reward a job well done. Permanent employees are more motivated in the workplace when there is an incentives and rewards plan in place. It should be of no surprise that contract employees respond in a similar manner.

Competition is often a big motivator for all types of employees, including people working contracts. Setting up performance goals and competition amongst employees and teams of employees encourages each employee to work their hardest for the sake of being the best. Let the competition build in a friendly way and watch just how motivated your contract workers get.

Opening up the possibility to some of your contract workers becoming permanent employees is bound to make them motivated to come into work on time everyday and do their best work. If you show your contract employees that you are using their contracted time as a way to try them out as employees, and a way for them to try you out as an employer, they will be likely to want to work hard to keep their jobs and stay on permanently with you.


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