How To Motivate Sales Reps

The continued growth of any company is based largely upon the results of the marketing team, so it is absolutely imperative that a sales force remains focused and driven.  It can be difficult to motivate sales reps, as there are many different forces that drive individuals.  Long term success can only be achieved when management learns how to motivate sales reps, but the good news is that it may not be as hard as most companies fear.  The most important thing for a sales manager to understand is that they must first understand what it is that their sales reps are interested in.

  • Many sales reps are motivated primarily by the commissions and bonuses that they receive.  There are few opportunities for an individual to truly write their own paycheck, but sales is an industry that allows people to do just that.  Aggressive pay scales and a strong commission structure is often enough to drive many sales reps to success.  Describing earnings potential is key in managing these individuals.
  • Some sales reps are not as focused on the money that they earn, but rather on the chances for advancement.  Promotions in a sales organization should always be based upon performance and can be a strong incentive for individuals to excel in their current position. Managers should emphasize the possible career paths to these types of sales reps.
  • There are a number of individuals that are more apt to be excited about special trips and travel incentives than paychecks.  Companies that offer exotic vacations and other travel opportunities should openly promote them to the sales team.  Tracking sheets that show progress towards the goal are very helpful in keeping these types of sales reps motivated.
  • Perhaps the most interesting category of sales reps is of those that are motivated mainly by competition and strive to be number one.  Many of these individuals simply want recognition and can easily be motivated with contests and tracking charts.  Although the prizes for such contests should be acceptable, many of these sales reps are more focused on winning rather than the reward.  A newsletter can prove to be a very good option for larger companies that want to highlight the sales figures of their higher producing sales reps.

Each individual has their own factors that truly drive them to meet and exceed quotas and expectations, and an effective sales manager must have the ability to understand that every sales rep must be dealt with differently.  After learning how to motivate sales reps, a company will enjoy steady growth and a strong possibility of future success.


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