How To Network and Handle Post-Production Feedback

There is more to business than just producing products. Businesses owners should always aim to achieve better results, and the best way to do this is to keep on evaluating and re-evaluating products and services that they offer. Never underestimate the power of customer feedback, since this greatly affects whether or not a business succeeds or not. Here are things you need to do to maximize and handle post-production feedback through networking.

  1. Prepare your questions. You need to prepare your questions when you will be calling your customers. You have to plan the conversation to make sure that what you are doing is an effective and appropriate way of getting information. Design the questions so that your respondents will be able to answer you freely and openly without being manipulated.
  2. Choose your respondents. You just can’t go around/call random people. You need to talk to people who can give you relevant information to what you want to know.
  3. Recon and damage control. Your job is to make sure that you properly get responses that you need. If there are negative comments, you need to do some damage control within your power so that you will not lose your customer.
  4. Ask for suggestions. You are not just there to know what your customer thinks about your products. You are also there to ask how you can make your products better.
  5. Be flexible. Do not base the entire interview on the questions you have prepared. In the course of the interview you might stumble upon an answer that needs to be followed up in order to be better understood. Allow flexibility to your conversation and make sure that you understand what they are trying to say. Also, try to keep the conversation unintimidating since this can also greatly affect the results of your interview.
  6. Give confidence. Encourage your respondents to expound on their answers but do not force them into it. Sometimes, respondents are afraid to give their opinions but all they need is a little push to keep them talking.
  7. Time management. Another thing to remember is to take into account the situation of your respondent. Remember that the interview is not the only thing that he needs to do. Do not rush the interview but be efficient with the time given to you.
  8. Gratitude. Show appropriate gratitude to your respondent for their time and effort.
  9. After the interview. Process the data you have gathered and assess their answers. Try to organize them so that they will be easy to read and understand.
  10. Follow through. Remember their names and contact details. Do not forget to keep in touch with your customers even when you are expanding your networks. Make sure that you keep in touch with them so that they know that you are still there.

Post-production feedback is becoming a necessity for success. Those who underestimate it do not usually enjoy the same success as those who have seen its value. Listen to the voice of your customers and aim to please them. This is the recipe to success.


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