How To Obtain a Land Surveyor License

The job of a land surveyor is demanding since the field can be quite unforgiving. Those who are tasked to do the work of chartered surveyor professionals have to be very precise when it comes to measurements. Big money is used in the procurement of real estate, so it is in the best interest of firms and professionals to make sure that the measurements and findings are drawn accurately.

In the past, it was much easier to enter the trade as a land surveyor. All that was needed was an apprenticeship under another land surveyor and after a couple of months on the job, one could already take the exams that could make one a licensed land surveyor. The stakes are much higher now, with much stiffer requirements before one can obtain a land surveyor license. This now involves having a degree in a relevant field of study. Licensure is also required before one can practice his profession in most states. The following are other requirements:

  1. One has to be a graduate of a degree course in engineering or land surveying. This is offered in many colleges and universities. Subjects in these programs of study provide a solid theoretical background and also practical training in the field of engineering and land surveying.
  2. One has to then take the licensure examination required by the state. All the states in the U.S. require all aspiring land surveyors to take examinations for licensing. This is to ensure that the competency of the land surveyor meets the standards, which the profession is expected to uphold at all times. This first examination is focused entirely on the theoretical knowledge that is required to do the job right.
  3. After passing the first examination, one has to work under an engineering or surveying firm to obtain tenure and further practical training. During this time, one should already apply for the second phase of the licensure tests.
  4. The second phase is to make sure that one has the ethical standards that would make him an asset to the industry. Whether one is doing alta survey or construction surveying, land surveyors put emphasis on the importance of character and ethical practices. There’s plenty of money that changes hands in this industry and with unscrupulous and dishonest minds, those deemed unworthy need to be weeded out of the profession.

As with any industry, the purpose of licensure is to ensure the skills and proficiency of each professional who practices in the field. Apart from skills, though, licensure would oftentimes also involve ensuring that a professional upholds moral and ethical standards, especially when this is an important characteristic of a trade or professional group. This enables clients to trust that licensed professionals will do their work and duty responsibly and with respect to professional and ethical standards.


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