How To Outsource Your IT Department

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Since 2010, small business spending on technology has increased by 10 percent.

An increasing number of businesses are embracing the power of technology. If you're one of these businesses, you're certainly reaping the benefits. Even though the initial investment can be prohibitive, technology will help you cut significant costs in the long run, as well as improve the performance of your company.

However, technology isn't without its fair share of challenges. As a small business, you might not be able to handle everything tech-related in-house.

This is where outsourcing IT comes into play.

Continue reading to learn more about outsourcing and how to find the best outsourcing partner.

What Is IT Outsourcing?

For complete newbies, outsourcing is the process of obtaining a service from a third-party, usually in place of an internal source.

A business can outsource a wide range of functions, from accounting to human resource management, to marketing, to IT. Outsourcing IT is pretty much like outsourcing any other business function. An external provider steps in and takes over some or all of your IT processes.

Outsourcing is usually cheaper and more efficient, but this doesn't mean things can't go wrong. If you mishandle the outsourcing process, it's possible to make costly mistakes.

So, how should you go about outsourcing your IT?

Start by Identifying Your Business' Needs

You might want to outsource your entire IT department's functions or some of them.

Either way, you need to know your business' IT needs. If you're outsourcing an entire department, what is it you're looking for that couldn't be done in-house?

Did you want to scale your infrastructure only to realize your team wasn't well equipped to handle the upgrade? If yes, you should focus on finding a company that's competent in company-wide infrastructure updates.

If you're outsourcing some of the functions of your IT department, establish what these functions are. For instance, do you want the provider to handle just the cybersecurity function? If yes, your focus will be on finding a cybersecurity specialist.

Find an Outsourcing Provider Who Suits Your Needs

There are hundreds of IT outsourcing companies out there, and they aren't created equal.

Choosing an IT provider who doesn't meet your needs can be disastrous. Considering that IT is a core function, a provider who isn't up to the task can cause unnecessary operational hiccups.

This is why you need to prioritize finding the best provider. You can ask around for recommendations or search online.

Ideally, you want to start with a list of at least 3 companies. Evaluate each of the companies, looking at their experience, reputation, range of services, and cost of service.

It's also preferable to choose a provider who specializes in your industry. This information will typically be on the provider's website. For example, Be Structured Group, states on their website that they cover manufacturing, financial services, and nonprofits among other industries.

Outsourcing IT Shouldn't Be Difficult

Outsourcing IT is a smart move. You save money while gaining access to top-notch tech expertise. However, you need to know how to outsource the right way.

With this guide, you now have the information you need to make the right decisions all the way.

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