How To Pick Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

Since you will be spending a good portion of your day in your home office, it's important to put a little thought into the type of furniture you buy for your home office. You can do some major damage to your body if you don't maintain good posture throughout the day. And such pain can easily be avoided by simply buying ergonomically-correct furniture and supplies. Here are some tips to help you pick ergonomic home office furniture to help keep your body happy and healthy.

Step 1

Choose an ergonomic chair. Ergonomics is the idea of maintaining proper body position in order to avoid unnecessary pain. The right office chair in your home office is probably the most important piece of office furniture you can buy. Think about your body in relationship to computer and desk. You want an office chair that puts you upright, centered and at the right position in front of your keyboard and monitor. Purchase an adjustable chair so that whoever sits at the desk can adjust the chair to the proper height and position. You should be able to adjust the back, seat, arms and height of an office chair so that it sits your straight upright (comfortably), with your feet flat on the floor. This will help to keep you concentrated and help you to be more productive.

You may also want to consider buying an ergonomic footrest. You might find this more comfortable when you're sitting for long periods of time in your home office.

Step 2

Use an ergonomic keyboard. Your wrists can also easily become tired and sore if you're not using an ergonomic keyboard. There is an ideal position to keep your wrists in when you're typing, and an ergonomic keyboard naturally positions your hands in the right place.  Often, these keyboards have keyboards that are slightly angled, along with a wrist rest that supports your wrists. If your ergonomic keyboard doesn't have a wrist rest, you need to buy one. These ergonomic wrist rests are contoured beanbags that support your wrist, relieving pain and preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Step 3

Buy an ergonomic mouse. Another piece of ergonomic furniture that is vital for your home office is an ergonomic mouse. This specialized mouse is contoured to the shape of your hand. This makes it more comfortable to hold. With your hand in a more natural position, you can experience the benefits that this tiny home office must-have offers. Again, you should consider purchasing a wrist rest for your ergonomic mouse. Along with support for your back, body and legs, proper ergonomic support for your wrists is vital in order to leave you pain-free throughout your day in your home office.


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