How To Prepare a Statistical Analysis Program

Statistical analysis programs consist of tools for analyzing data within given parameters and limits.  A statistical analysis program is normally a collection of computer programs that are specifically meant to undertake this sort of analysis.  This analysis enables people to derive results from standard statistical procedures and tests that bear statistical significance without requiring any of those numerical programming on computers.

In certain cases, statistical programs also enable management of data as a value addition.  Now, how does one go about actually preparing a statistical analysis program?  Here are some ways to achieve this: 

  1. For a cost effective approach, choose your software platform (the foundation on which the statistical program is constructed) from any of the open source offerings that are available in the market.  This is helpful in more than one way - firstly the base program is free or nearly free and secondly there will be a large number of people who would have already attempted doing what you wish to achieve and undertaken debugging exercises, thereby reducing helping toward reducing your preparatory time, all at absolutely none or minimal cost.  C and C++ are some platforms to develop statistical analysis programs.
  2. Analysis of statistics means the science of collecting numerical data in large quantities, for the purpose of inferring certain hypotheses from a representative sample.  Now, this would mean that ideally, your data management software should be compatible with your statistical program package.  One must ensure that the data is coded in a manner that is easily readable by the analysis software.
  3. A statistical analysis program normally comprises the entire study design and plan, definition of the sample size, method for randomization and blinding - procedures to ensure they work well, definition of various key components such as population and other study assessments to derive accurate results.  Protocols have to be established for the program to conduct its analysis within desired parameters so that it applies them to the given data and helpfully derives necessary form of results.
  4. Sometimes, the data, protocols and parameters may not match entirely, thereby rendering inaccurate analysis or a total failure of the analysis program.  Such instances call for definitions of protocol and parameter deviations. The programmer is required to build these components into the program thereby enabling the program to skip or treat non-form data within permitted deviations and continue with the analysis.
  5. Statistical analysis sometimes requires data that has been analyzed earlier in order to make a comparison and ascertain if the method defined in your program works well.  Defining of multiple comparisons within the program should take care of this requirement.

Finally, it may not be necessary for you to prepare a statistical analysis program from scratch.  There are quite a few software companies in the world such as SAP and Oracle whose developers offer templates for statistical analysis.  One can choose from the prepared templates if it suits the requirements.


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