How To Recognize Retiring Employees

With so many companies looking for ways to cut expenses during the economic recession, fewer and fewer employees are getting the recognition they deserve for helping build the organizations to where they are.  Longevity in jobs is becoming increasingly rare as people know that often the fastest way to get a promotion is to move to another company.  If those job hoppers never see the benefits of being loyal to a company, they’ll have no reason to stay.  Retiring employees should be recognized, not only to thank them for the job they’ve done, but also to encourage those who follow them to strive for the same.

There are numerous ways to recognize retiring employees.  One way is to advertise the employee’s retirement in company newsletters, web pages, and bulletin boards.  In that announcement their number of years of service should be highlighted along with information about what they did at the company.  An added touch of class would be submitting the event as a news item to local and trade papers to herald the employee’s dedication.  Specific details about projects they worked on or turning points in the company’s history should be itemized in the story.

Another way to recognize a retiring employee is to allow fellow employees to gather and celebrate the departing worker’s accomplishments.  These parties can be tasteful and cost effective.  Regardless, any money spent by the company is like an investment into future employees whose morale will be boosted by the consideration.  During the party, the retiree’s achievements at the company should be spotlighted.  The retiree will feel valued, and those in his or her presence will know that people do pay attention to the good things employees do.  It is important that direct supervisors and other higher-ranking staff to attend to lend support.

A third way to recognize retiring employees is by giving them a gift for their years of service.  In years past, employees who had spent a substantial number of years at a company would receive a gold pocket watch as appreciation.  With watches going out of fashion because of people’s need to carry mobile electronic devices that have time functions, longevity gifts have to be more creative.  Depending on a company’s budget, alternative gift ideas are an all-expenses paid vacation for the retiree and their partner, a golf club, gourmet cooking tool, or other hobby item.  Companies should investigate the resigning employee’s interests and gift in accordance to them.


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