How To Rent a Metal Detector

Unless you need it for a job, a metal detector is probably not something you use regularly. Sometimes, there is an urgent need to use a metal detector, like when you lose a wedding ring in a wide patch of soil. You could burrow under the soil and look for that ring, but we both know that would be exhausting, dirty and hopeless. The option, of course, is to get a metal detector to search for that missing ring, but it would be extremely impractical if you buy one. Good thing there are stores that offer rental services for metal detectors. But how does one go about renting metal detectors? You can’t exactly find it easily in nearby shops. Below are tips on how to rent metal detectors.

  • Do your research. A quick search on the Internet will provide you with a list of shops that offer metal detectors for rent. Narrow down your search engine results by typing nearby locations. This allows you to sift through the shops that are situated on the other side of the country.
  • Ask around. No matter how random it may sound, if you ask around for metal detectors, you will probably find someone who knows something about renting these tools. Send out a word to your friends and neighbors, and they, in turn, will spread the word to their other friends. This method works in bringing you trustworthy contacts. Who knows, you might even find someone who actually owns one and is willing to lend it to you, thereby sparing you the rental costs.
  • Canvas for prices. If you have gathered enough contacts in that list, you can now start contacting them and ask for their fees. Some charge you in a daily basis while some may offer it weekly. They can ask for as low as $10 per day to as high as $35 a day.
  • Ask for a quick tutorial. It would be a hassle trying to figure out how to use the metal detector on your own. Ask the sales representative if they can throw in a quick tutorial with the package fee. If he doesn’t agree, then make sure that you know how to handle the machine first before attempting anything. Ask for an instruction manual or a website where you can figure out how to use the metal detector.
  • Ask for a package cost. If you are renting metal detectors for use in your hobbies, such as treasure hunting or for a fun day at the beach, it is better to have the rental fee at a per week basis. Ask your contact for a package and discounted fee. Since you will be using it for longer, paying with the daily rental costs could turn out to be more expensive. Try to reach a bargain with your contact. Be firm but reasonable, and never force it if he doesn’t agree to your terms.

Once you have decided on a metal detector store, make sure that this store is reliable and secure. Ask around. Search the Internet for customer feedback about the store. Be safe so you are sure that you won’t be getting conned.


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