How To Run a Sports Betting Website That Players Love

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50% of all Americans bet on the last Super Bowl. Americans love laying action. The sports betting business is continuing its rapid growth, even during an economic recession caused by a deadly pandemic.

Are you an avid sports gambler? If so, you're always looking for that edge. You're always looking for ways you can beat the book and make serious cash.

The real money is in taking bets, not making them. Are you ready to transition from player to bookie?

Read on to learn how to build a sports betting website guaranteed to make you cash.

Bookie Information 101

Running a sports betting site means you're a bookie. The movies would like you to believe that the life of a bookie is both romantic and dangerous. The truth is, it's mostly hard work.

The skillset you've built as a sports gambler will serve you well in your new endeavor. You'll need to change the way you use these skills. 

Knowledge Is an Arms Race

You know knowledge is the key to sharp betting. The more you know, the more educated your bets.

Your success as a bookie depends on your knowledge advantage. How much time did you devote to sports as a gambler? You'll have to triple it when you're a bookie.

Money Management Is Key to Success

You managed your sports betting bankroll, logged every bet, and figured out your break-even percentages. You know that making money sports gambling isn't only about picking winners. It's about how you manage your cash.

Now imagine doing that for 50 players. You'll spend the majority of your time as a bookie acting as an accountant.

The sports gambling business is a business. If you expect to make money, you have to know how to handle money.

Building a Successful Betting Site

You think you have what it takes to transition from bettor to bookie. You're ready to build your website and start making money. Before you build, there are some crucial aspects of a betting site you should consider.

What's Your Market?

The great thing about the internet is that you can attract gamblers from all over the world to bet with you. Still, you'll more than likely start small and local.

What are the most popular sports in your geographic location? Are you in a pro-football crazy town like Pittsburgh? Or is your town college athletics focused like Tuscaloosa?

Focusing your site on the sports that matter to your geographic location helps you lure players to your fledgling book.

Payment Considerations

Before legalized online sports betting, bookies dealt with cash. They also had a captive player base. A bookie's only competition was other bookies.

Now your competition is the big boy commercial books that offer sleek apps and huge player bonuses. They also accept multiple forms of payment.

If you expect to compete and win players, you can't turn down money. Your site has to accept all forms of payment, including cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the most popular form of payment for gamblers who deal with independent bookies.

Line Service

The first half of 2020 was a rough one for bookies due to COVID-19. They got the Super Bowl revenue, but all sports shut down soon after.

How did the business stay afloat? The commercial books pivoted to less popular sports still in play like British darts, Russian table tennis, and KBO baseball.

You're too busy to handicap every event. One person can't take that on. Expanded betting options encourage traffic to your site and get as many players as possible.

Get some help. Your betting side should integrate a line service to offer you all the latest, tightest lines across all sports. Your players will love the options, and you'll encourage the year-round play you need.

Pay-Per-Head Is a Solution

You're a sports gambler and handicapper, not a software engineer. Designing a fully integrated sports betting site takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Hiring someone to build it for you costs thousands of dollars.

Consider building a PPH sportsbook instead. Here's what a white-label PPH software solution offers new bookies.

Minimal Start-Up Costs and Low Fees

What does pay-per-head mean? You enroll with that bookie software solution and pay a dedicated amount per month based on your number of players.

For example, if your PPH service charges $10 per head and 20 players made bets, you'll pay the service $200 bucks. To set-up, most services charge an initial fee. Some of the best offer a free trial period.

Easy Set-Up

Building a sports betting website from scratch takes months, but enrolling and customizing your PPH site takes minutes. Sign up, and you'll be ready to take bets the same day.

Tight Lines

If a game's played somewhere, you want your site to take action on it. Football season is where you'll see the most traffic, but you'll need to sustain your business through the offseason.

PPH software solutions offer your site a built-in line service with the tightest betting lines around.

Financial Tools

The fun part of operating your own sports betting site is sports. The difficult part is managing all the money.

Your busiest times of the year will see money coming in and out very fast. With a PPH site, you're able to track every bet and payment in real-time.

Customer Service

Building your site means you need the technology to handle high traffic. The last thing you need during a big event is for your site to crash. Every minute your site's down is a minute you're not taking bets.

With a PPH site, you have a dedicated team of software professionals behind your site. A good PPH service will rectify any crash as soon as possible.

Build Your Own Sports Betting Website

Football season is always right around the corner. If you're ready to make real money in the sports gambling business, you need to take bets rather than make them.

Building your own sports betting website isn't too hard if you use a PPH software solution. Try it out and get your site live today.

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