How To Sell Homemade Pottery

If you have become skilled with your potter’s wheels and have more than enough pottery products that you can accommodate in your house, then start selling your clay art.  You can learn all about the basics of setting up a business by taking online classes.

It’s time that you make money out of your hobby. Here are some tips on how you can sell your homemade pottery.

  1. Prepare your pottery for sale. Put in finishing touches such as putting glaze on it. The glaze or the coating is one of the things that attract the buyer to a product. You can create unusual colors and textures through your glazes. Also, home accessories such as ceramic vase and flower pots are more durable if glaze is put in. You should also keep in mind that the more unique the item, the more salable it is. Decorate your pottery with as much handiwork as possible. Most buyers look for unusual stuff to buy. After you have prepared your product, you should also prepare your inventory of items. Keep a record of each item you are selling. Writing them down on a notebook helps you keep track of the things that have been sold and those that are still available. Putting a price tag on the items as well as on your record book can help with the auditing of your products. Next, scout the local competition that you may have. Know how much they are charging for the same items you have and who the artists are. This way, you are aware of what you have against them.
  2. Formalize your business. You have to acquire a tax identification number from the government. By doing this, you can legally set up booths at craft fairs. This can mean big business for you since fairs usually draw a large crowd. You can also approach local home decor and furniture stores and ask them if they are willing to put your products in their store. They usually scout for local artists that they can feature with the furniture they are selling.
  3. Advertise your products. You can do this by taking photographs of your items and posting them on the Internet. You do not have to think of making your own website because there are available sites that you can use such as eBay and Multiply. Such sites draw in large amounts of visitors daily, which can increase your popularity in the cyber world. Advertise in local newspapers and magazines so you are presenting yourself to your local community.

Before you follow all these steps, it is important that you make sure that the items you are selling are fit to be commercially sold. It does not have to be on a par with Rockwood Pottery, but it should at least be pleasing to the eye and will not easily crumble when used. If they pass these criteria then you are on the right track.  Keep your business skills sharp by taking online courses in business management, and you will surely succeed!


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