How To Start a Club Promotions Business

First things first, you should consider why you want to do something like this.  Do you know music that nobody else has heard, or do you know something that your town is missing? If you can answer yes to both of these questions, and there is a strong music scene in your town, then a club promotion business might be for you.

So, we have established that you want to start a club promotion business.  To be successful, you have to look out for the five common mistakes.

Some of the biggest mistakes:

  1. Pitching a club that you have never frequented.
  2. Pitching a band to a club that has nothing to do with that band's genre.
  3. Going overboard promoting bands found on social networking sites.  Finding someone on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or another live site that you may like doesn't mean anyone else will, and it doesn't guarantee that the bands are reliable and trustworthy.
  4. Feeling like a god.  Sometimes, especially in this business, we tend to feel like we understand the heartbeat of a generation; regardless of how sure we are... it still doesn't mean anybody cares.
  5. Being insistent.  Again, falling back to "Feeling like a god", if a club does not want what you have to offer, don't keep pushing it.  They'll decide you don't know what you're talking about; when you do have something for them that fits, they won't think twice before saying no.

What does it take?

Passion.  It sounds cliché, but there is nothing that makes anyone in this industry succeeds more than that - regardless of whether you're promoting Country, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electric, EMO, Goth, or Trance. Any other genre you think is something that someone wants, you're probably only partially right.  So how do you do this?  Follow along.  There are a few steps you absolutely have to follow.

  1. If you want to sell a club - be there!  Clubs tend to work with people who affiliate with them, simply for the fact that they want to buy from someone who  knows what they are about.
  2. Know what you are selling.  Just because somebody has 36,000 listeners on MySpace doesn't mean you can even have 10 people show up at the club.  Try Google, Yahoo, or even to find out if people really want to hear the band you are offering.

Obviously, there are governmental procedures in place for all business, so follow them closely; you can learn more about them by taking online business courses.  Then welcome yourself to this strange world.


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