How To Start a Lawn Care Company

Starting a lawn care company is an excellent idea, if you enjoy hard work. There are a lot of potential customers: people who don't like to do yard work, and people who don't have the time, but who want a beautiful lawn to enjoy. If you are determined to start a lawn care company, I recommend you check out Starting a Lawn Care Business the Smart Way.  This article also covers a few things you should consider. 

Step 1

The 'downside'.

  • Count the cost of the equipment, the cost of operating and maintaining the equipment
  • Where will you get the capital?
  • Long hours in the hot summer sun, disposing of grass clippings, and tree limbs
  • The time involved in taking care of your accounts and records

Step 2


If you're still committed to starting this venture, research all the aspects of the business. Check out books at the library on the lawn care business. Visit local stores to get prices on tools and equipment. Attend workshops to increase your knowledge and develop networking possibilities.

Step 3

Talk to other lawn care owner and specialists, to determine what your market will be, and who your competition is.

Step 4

Know the amount of capital you will need to get started and operate until the business can show a profit. Do you have enough collateral to secure a loan for the equipment?

Step 5

Determine the legal structure of your company - sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation, or corporation. It is advisable to separate your business assets from your personal assets.

Step 6

Name your business, it should be easy to remember and catchy, also consider where it comes in the listing in the phone book.

Step 7

Check with your local city and county officials to get all the necessary licenses and permits.

Step 8

Getting bonded maybe worth considering, it gives potential customers the confidence that you will deliver the work.

Step 9

Get insurance for the biggest risks you may encounter.

Step 10

Establish your office. If it is in your home it should be located in an area with little traffic. You will also need a desk, computer, filing cabinets, and a phone.
Set your schedule for billing and the scheduling and rescheduling of your jobs.

Set your schedule for billing and the scheduling and rescheduling of your jobs.

The lawn care business can be very rewarding monetarily, and it can also provide you the satisfaction of owning your own business.  Good luck in your new venture!


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