How To Start a Yard Cleaning Business

Gardener cleaning tree limbs

Starting a yard cleaning business may not be as difficult as you might think.  Begin by choosing what services you want to perform.  Do not over extend the services you want to offer to begin with.  There will always be time for expansion as you become better known and profitable. Take this opportunity to set prices and rates for the services you offer.  Estimating each job can lead to over or under pricing a potential customer. Clientele respond well to set pricing because it gives them a sense of equality to all your other customers.

After you have decided on the services you will offer, choose a catchy name to call your business.  Make sure that you register the name with the state and file any fictitious name paperwork that is required.  This guarantees that no one else in the state can use the name of your company.  This is also required so that you can file appropriate taxes, open bank accounts and establish vendors.

Make sure that you have all the proper equipment needed to start your business. You do not want to be caught empty handed in the event you receive a quick response to your advertising.

Your next step will be deciding what type of marketing you will use to promote your business.   Design and have business cards printed immediately.  Your business cards are often the first impression that a potential customer has of your business.  Pass out business cards everywhere that you go and even leave them in appropriate places.  Many stores and community based places have bulletin boards you can leave your card on.

Decide if you will use printed ads in the newspaper to promote your business, printed flyers or both.  If you print flyers, check with your local police department prior to "tagging cars" in a parking lot, many towns have ordinances against this practice and you do not want to be fined. Printed flyers are a superior way to get the word out about your business.  People have a tendency to save a flyer for when they may need that service at a later date.  Often, a newspaper advertisement is noticed and then quickly forgotten.

Remember your customer service skills and try to maintain a happy customer base.  Word of mouth advertising is the best form of business promotion in this line of work.  By maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction you will watch your business continue to grow.


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