How To Start an eBay Business

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The eBay marketplace started in 1995 and now has over 180 million users. Who knew back then it would become what it is today? This virtual marketplace has become a way for people to make a living and build successful businesses. 

Have you been thinking about starting an eBay business?

Are you wondering how to sell on eBay? 

You've seen others doing it. Maybe it's your time to start selling on eBay and put some extra cash in your pocket.

Keep reading to learn how to start an eBay business. 

1. What Are You Selling? 

What products are you going to sell on eBay? Are you planning to have a specific category of items? There was a time when the site was more like a virtual garage sale. Now sellers usually stick to a category rather than random items. 

Stay focused on one type of inventory. This way buyers see that you are invested in your products and your business. 

2. Open Up Your eBay and PayPal Accounts 

Sign up on or the app to establish your account and put in all of the necessary information. There are no start-up costs other than the products you plan to sell. 

It's a requirement that all eBay sellers have a PayPal account to accept payment from buyers. 

3. Get the App 

The mobile app is free and a great resource. Sellers use it to research prices on items before buying them to resell. It also alerts you when something you listed has sold. 

4. Add Your Items for Sale 

Add your merchandise to your eBay store using either the quick listing form or the advanced listing form. The advanced listing tool allows you to give a more detailed description of your products. 

Remember to include shipping information, payment information and whether you take returns, and how to return an item. Include all of the information you would want if you were the buyer.

If buyers have to send an email to ask questions about something you should have included in the listing, they might move on to another seller. 

5. Get Shipping Supplies 

Get all the supplies you'll need for shipping like padded envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap, and a postage scale. The postage scale is an important investment because it is necessary to list the weight of an item to determine the cost of shipping. 

Do you need to send certified mail? Address and print USPS Certified Mail® labels online with ease. 

How to Start an eBay Business in 2021

Now that you have learned some eBay business tips on how to start an eBay business, are you ready to get started? Starting an eBay store is a great side hustle that can turn into a full-time gig with some effort on your part. 

Do you have questions about how to do something else? Be sure to bookmark our page for easy access to tips and directions on how to do anything and everything. We have plenty of resources on how to do things better, faster, cheaper, and easier. Don't miss out. 


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