How To Start a Truck Wash Business

If you are interested in a business with good profit potential that serves the trucking industry but you don't want to be a trucker yourself, consider starting a truck wash business.  Many truckers who spend long hours on the road in all sorts of weather and road conditions often find it difficult to find a facility convenient to the highway that can offer a thorough cleaning of their vehicle in a relatively short amount of time and at a reasonable price. If you're interested in learning how to calculate pricing structures and manage a company, it's a good idea to enroll in classes at an online business college.

There are two ways you can offer truckers a truck washing service.  One is to establish a permanent fixed site truck wash facility located within a short distance of a major freeway or highway off-ramp. It's smart to locate your truck wash business as close as possible to a truck stop to encourage truckers to take the time for a truck wash after they refuel and perhaps while they are taking a food and rest break.  Approach truck stops in the area you are considering to see if you can partner with them in some way so that their stop will now offer food, fuel and truck washing.

For an independent truck wash business, position billboard signage within a 3 minute radius of the off-ramp closest to your truck wash to alert truckers that they can exit the road at the next exit ramp and get a professional wash. You also want to have signage positioned on the roof of your truck wash facility that can be seen from a long distance so that truckers passing by will notice that a truck wash facility is coming up on the route.

Outfit your employees professionally and have them wear shirts with your logo.  Word of mouth satisfaction will spread fast among truckers when they are satisfied with their truck wash job.  Don't hesitate to ask satisfied customers to recommend you to other truckers.  Since most truckers drive the same route week in and week out, you can build up steady business with truckers who stop by for a truck wash every time they are passing by your business.  Have professionally printed flyers and discount coupons for truckers to take to pass along to other truckers they meet on the road. Truck wash fees range between $25 and $55 depending upon the complexity of the rig.

Another easy way to get into the truck wash business is to sign up with one of the companies that offer mobile truck wash franchises.  You pay a franchisee fee up front for use of their brand name, system and marketing plan continuing royalties based on sales.  Since there are no expenses involved for the purchase or lease of real estate to build a fixed truck wash site, a franchised truck wash business involves lower start-up costs.  You'll probably still want to register for a few business management courses; fortunately, these are easily found at online universities.


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