How To Start your Own Delivery Service

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There are plenty of business opportunities for the enterprising individual, and one of the usually overlooked business opportunities out there is a delivery service. From flowers, grocery goods, office documents, and parcels and packages, the need for local courier service is in high demand. You may not be able to beat FedEx, but a locally operated courier delivery can be very profitable. Here’s how you can start your own courier service.

  1. Research. Begin with research. There are several crucial points that you need to look into, such as the competitors in the local area, as well as the techniques and strategies that you can implement, based from successful large scale delivery companies. In the research stage, include the types of features that your service will feature. For instance, courier same day services and deliveries with home tracking services are popular and highly appreciated by plenty of clients. Find out how you can do the same. Also determine the coverage of your courier services. You can work in your city, your state, or the entire country and overseas.
  2. Vehicle. Next, choose a vehicle that will allow you to transport the goods. This is especially important if you will be doing the deliveries yourself. The vehicle should be strong and sturdy enough to take in plenty of mileage, and should be spacious enough to accommodate the parcels and packages that you will need to deliver. Keep in mind, however, that there are certain delivery services that work on as simple a vehicle as bicycles. Delivering pizza by bike attached with insulated boxes can be quite profitable, if you have enough pizza restaurants for clients.
  3. Invoice. You will also need an invoice that will be used by the clients for their own accounting purposes. Getting an invoice will require you to be a duly registered business, however, which means that you will need to accomplish the necessary paper works and fees. Being a registered business will mean taxes, but it also means that you will have certain perks and incentives, as well as the ability to assure your clients that you are a legitimate business.
  4. Clients. Finding clients for delivery service is another major hurdle for people. With a little resourcefulness, however, there are plenty of people and businesses who are in great and constant need of delivery services. Visit local offices that need their papers to be delivered, or groceries that offer online shopping or home delivery, or flower shops that deliver flowers. You can also contact online shops that function based on delivery services.
  5. Advertisement. Be sure that you also put out advertisements. This is surprisingly becoming easier to do. One of the first steps is to make your online presence by creating a website. There are plenty of free site makers that will give you the ability to customize your site and even add a PayPal page that will let customers conduct business online. Also give out flyers and set up an office.

Starting up your own courier services is not as difficult as people believe. With a little effort and a capital to start off the enterprise, as well as careful planning, succeeding in courier services is possible.


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