How To Take Meeting Minutes with Software

Every meeting is important. But what's most important is the outcome of the meeting-the resolutions agreed upon and issues that were resolved. However, none of those will be official without meeting minutes. That is why some bosses become so frustrated when they see incomplete minutes. As much as possible, minutes should reflect how the meeting took place, what did people say and suggested, and how the meeting was ended.

Since people are prone to making mistakes, you can say you have the neatest excuse on making imperfect meeting minutes. This should not be the case if only you asked for help-not from another person, but from software.

If you have only tried to be creative, you will think of many software programs out there that can help you take meeting minutes accurately. Below are some software you can try to use on your next meeting. With these, taking meeting minutes should be smooth and easy.

  • Word processor. You can use pure text programs like Notepad in replacement to this. Word processors like Microsoft Word can help you a lot in taking meeting minutes. You should be fast on typing with that keyboard, though. With this software, you don't have to worry so much about the spelling because of its spell-checker. Even formatting will be easy so that sending of meeting minute copies to the participants will be a breeze.
  • Audio recorder. You need a device that can record audios to use this. The internal microphone installed in your laptop will be fine. But using a microphone specially made for recording voices will capture better-quality audios. About the software, check your computer if it has pre-installed audio-capture program. Most platforms today have that. If not, you can get free audio-recorders online.

With recorded audios, you can easily listen to the meeting again to check some points you have missed or recheck the minutes you have written.

  • Video recorder. A simple computer webcam, digicam, camcorder, or video camera can all help to capture videos during the meeting. You can use the captured video as additional record of the meeting.
  • Meeting minutes software. There are commercially available software programs that can help for easier taking of meeting minutes. Various products out there have different features. It is best you try the software first before buying one. These applications are pretty expensive with about $200 tag price. It's wise that you try the program first before investing on it.

What makes these special software pieces useful is that you can do everything you need to do in taking minutes with this. It can help in taking minutes, recording audios and videos, updating minutes, archiving the minutes, and distributing the notes.

In this fast-pace technological advancement, it's important that you know how to go with the fast changes. You may get used to the traditional way of taking minutes. But who knows, you might discover that using software is faster, easier, and more effective than the process you were doing.


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