How To Tell If You Are an Effective Leader

If you are already in a leadership position in your company, organization or group, you may find that you are appointed to this position because people have put a lot of trust in both you and your abilities. Be it through voting or by an appointment, you are in this position because people believe that you can do a good job of leading and motivating people toward a common goal.

With a leadership position comes responsibility, and if you are currently a leader, you know that you are not only responsible for your own performance, but for your group’s performance as well. Somewhere along the line, however, you may find yourself gauging yourself and asking yourself if you are doing a good job of being a leader. Here are a few tips on measuring your worth and effectiveness as a leader.

  • Performance and attitude. One of the best measures of how good a leader you are is by the performance and work attitude of the people working for you. Great teams make up great companies. More often than not, these great teams are led by equally great leaders. These leaders inspire their people to do a good job. They motivate their people and give them a sense of self-worth, of accomplishment. They are able to tap into their employees inner drives. Therefore, forcing an employee to do his work is no longer necessary. All they need to hear from you is the plan, how to go about executing it, and they will do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Your employees' performance will speak volumes about your strength as a leader.
  • You as a role model. If you notice that other teams or companies are copying your processes or leadership style, then this is also a sign that you are a good leader, because you are doing something right. While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, in this case it is also a feather in your cap: you and your team are so good at what you do that you are being copied by your competitors! This is also a good sign that you are an effective leader, and this also raises both you and your team’s market value in the industry.
  • Your team stays ahead. If your team shows continued increased productivity and higher performance levels over the next few years, this will then be a testament to your leadership – not only have you managed to get your team ahead of the pack, you and your team have managed to stay ahead of the pack, constantly innovating and adding fresh ideas to your already solid processes.
  • Feedback. Finally, feedback is the best and most reliable tool for seeing whether or not your employees are happy with your leadership style. Periodically hold formal and informal sessions where your people can voice their issues and concerns about you and what you are doing. These may be held in private, or during general team meetings. Always leave your door open for feedback. Your team will know exactly what it is that you are doing wrong, so you should respect their opinions, take this as constructive criticism, and solve the leadership problem. Doing this will enable you to truly become a good, effective leader.

An effective leader is one who does not necessarily have to dictate everything and require everyone to follow his word to the letter. Rather, a good leader is one who is able to inspire and guide those under his care.


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