How To Trace Bar Codes

A bar code represents a reading machine of data. It shows definite data on specific products. Before, barcodes signified data in various widths and vertical lines referred to as linear barcodes.  Today, they signify data in patterns of dots, squares, or hexagons termed as matrix codes. Originally, they were used to brand railroad cars but they failed commercially so they were used to monitor inventory in supermarkets that become almost universal. Today, they are integrated to almost all businesses in naming and identifying company equipment and personnel. Usually, barcodes are read through optical scanners called barcode readers or image scanners. If you want to know how to trace bar codes, learn the following ways below.

  1. Learn the types of bar code readers. A bar code reader or bar code scanner is made from a stable light and a uni-photosensor, that’s manually “scrubbed” in the barcode. Bar code readers or scanners have three types based on their set-up to the computer.  RS-232 barcode reader is the oldest type. It requires a special program to transfer data to the program application. The second type uses an adaptor cable to connect between the AT keyboard and the computer. The last type, which is the most modern, is the USB bar code reader that is installed more easily than the RS-232 reader. The USB bar code scanner reads the bar code and sends the data directly to the PC without using a keyboard.
  2. Understand the nature of bar code verifiers. These are widely maximized by businesses, which print bar codes. Bar code verifiers like barcode scanners decode a barcode but verifiers at the same time perform a series of tests to ensure that a barcode can really be scanned. Verifiers should observe the standard compliance for the linear bar code, for the two-dimensional bar code, and for the international bar code. Use the knowledge that you gain from the history of bar code readers or scanners and different barcode verifiers to fully understand how bar codes really work. This will make it easier for you to trace bar codes using the Bar code Scanner application from
  3. Learn the bar code reading software. Download and install your Bar code Scanner on the computer. This software is a free downloaded barcode tracking program available from Brothersoft. Be sure you have barcode reading software computer Administrator rights. After you successfully installed the software on your computer, directly scan the bar code you want to monitor. On the installed scanner software, choose “Browse” to select the barcode image you have taken. Then, select “Extract” to recover the barcode information. If you have many bar codes to track, just repeat everything from scanning, to browsing up to extracting and you can track and identify all the barcodes in no time.

Bar codes are really business-friendly because scanners cost relatively low. They improve total customer satisfaction with the accuracy compared to key-entry. This is why businesses favor bar codes. These three ways can make you understand the nature of bar code readers and verifiers to effectively know how to track bar codes.


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