How To Understand Termite Bonds

Termite bonds are agreements between homeowners and pest exterminators to take care of a particular house and render them termite free. Since termites can really decrease the value and structural integrity of homes and pieces of furniture that are made out of wood, it is in the best interest of any homeowner to make sure that one regularly has his home inspected and treated for possible termite infestation.

Here are the following details that are usually contained within a termite bond.

  1. The professional pest control firm is to render service to a particular home or property for as long as the person who signed the bond is still living in the house.
  2. The stipulations of the contract rarely put a limitation on how much a pest exterminator should visit a particular location. The goal of the exterminator should be to get rid of the pests and make sure that the property stays termite-free for as long as the house needs it.
  3. This bond is exclusive to the use of residential service product packages as well as special installations that should be considered once the problems become too much to manage without going past standard protocol.
  4. A termite bond should also state whether or not it applies to the other structures that are around the property. Other wooden buildings around the house such as a tool shed, garage or even a garage may be part of the package or not. If these are part of the package, then these will be included in the regular inspections and treatment. Otherwise, the owner would have to pay extra to make sure the entire property is covered.
  5. The same termite bond could also extend to living trees in one’s property. Since trees also serve an aesthetic purpose in a landscape, keeping them protected from pests is to be one of the concerns of the homeowner. Having an unstable tree that could topple onto one’s home is definitely one prospect that all homeowners wouldn’t want to deal with.

Termite bonds are like an insurance policy that one takes out with a pest control company. This gives the homeowner the assurance that your property will be easily taken care of in the event of infestation. This would sometimes even include a performance guarantee, in that the pest control company would guarantee your home to be termite free, or else they would have to fix it at their expense.

Just like any contract, a termite bond is an agreement that definitely needs fine tuning according to the expectations of the people involved – the pest exterminators and the homeowners. Make sure that all the possible variables are covered to ensure that the terms are fair for both sides. It’s a good idea to take out a termite bond when your home is still new, so that you’re sure it’s protected against early deterioration and depreciation. You might also be able to pay lower premiums when your home is new. 


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