How To Write a Business Announcement

Keeping your clients up to date by writing a business announcement about the latest goings on in your business, such as product previews and updates, is probably the most effective way not only to provide customer satisfaction but more so, to ensure a stable flow and increase in your revenue. This is also a good way of attracting new clients and potential customers, even investors, to your business.

  • E-mails, hand flyers, and postcards are among the most common delivery methods used by many businesses for their announcements. E-mails and business letters are sent to the V.I.Ps or potential clients. Maintain a clear and straightforward format. If you are running a local business, you may use flyers to be distributed in the nearby and surrounding neighborhood or towns.
  • Come up with an eye catching and attractive opening statement. This will lure potential customers to read more and be interested in your services. If you are announcing a sale or a special offer in your products and services, use bullets and highlighted fonts to stress important details. Refrain from writing too elaborate explanations about your service offers. Limit your message with the what, when, where and how's of your product promos. Do not forget to include the promo period and your contact details should the clients wish to make further inquiries about your services.
  • If you opt to keep your announcement formal and have it mailed to your important clients, use the letterhead or logo of your business and the appropriate salutation for your mail recipient. The date and exact address of your business establishment or your business' email address must be provided in the letter should the client wish to contact or send you his/her response.
  • If you are sending out announcements about certain changes in your policies, a post within your establishment, a bulletin board or a tarpaulin for example, is necessary so that, if there are people who weren't able to get a flyer or e-mail regarding the changes in your business, then they will be informed once they pay your establishment a visit.
  • Print outs might be a bit costly, especially if you are planning to make a full- scale distribution of your flyers or mailers. You have to allocate hundreds, maybe thousands of copies, depending on how long you intend to spread your announcement. Look for a printing shop or service that offers the best quality printouts with good deals. You can also shop for your own printer that is durable and comes at a very reasonable price. Choose a printer that has lay out options and themes to make your prints more striking.
  • Lastly, proofread your announcement. The content must be free of grammatical and structural errors. This will greatly affect the quality and credibility of your announcement. Edit and revise the content if necessary.

There are a variety of reasons, even excuses, to make a business announcement. Just keep it short but concise. Try to stick with a one- page announcement but work hard to make it attractive so it can catch the attention of the consumers.


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