How To Write a Business Email to Set Up a Lunch Meeting

There are some instances when meetings conducted during office hours are not enough to talk about a company's plans. When this happens, a lunch meeting is one of the best options for have a business meeting. A properly conducted lunch meeting lets you address all unfinished business quickly and efficiently.

But having a lunch meeting is not easy as having a meeting during office hours because some staff or some clients that you have to meet during lunch time have different, conflicting schedules during that time. Sometimes, it can be very hard to organize a lunch meeting.  But if you really want to have a lunch meeting, you can do this by following some steps and some tips on how to organize one by writing a business email to your clients or staff.

  • First, you must assess your planned lunch meeting. This is the first step because it will really help you a lot in inviting the important people to the lunch meeting, whether they are staff or clients. Consider also the question "What is the purpose of this meeting?"
  • Second, decide where you are planning to have the lunch meeting. Choosing a restaurant is very important also in your lunch meeting because it affects how your meeting goes. So you must choose a restaurant that can accommodate your staff or clients and also that has a private room or noise will not be a problem.
  • Third, send a business email on the people you decided to invite. Writing an invitation through email can be very efficient, because staff or clients can read it as soon as you send it, compared to sending them a letter regarding the said lunch meeting. But if the company prefers a written invitation or a letter, you must also send them a letter for formalities. You can also send an advance copy through email. Send an email or a letter two days before the said lunch meeting.
In writing a business email invitation, you must take note of these few reminders. You should include some words that can let them know that the meeting is important or urgent. These words can be "Important" or "Mark this date and time" or even "You are really needed." These words can let your invitees know that they are really needed and the lunch meeting is very important. Include also the time of the said meeting and where will you have the lunch meeting.

  • Fourth, fix everything the day before the said lunch meeting. You must make a call to your invitees for you to know if they can come on the said lunch meeting and also to have their confirmation. You must also know if they know the location the restaurant you will be holding the meeting.

Calling your invitees can also let you know how many are you expecting to come in the meeting. You must also call the restaurant to let them know if you will have a decrease or increase of guests so that they could also adjust.

Having a lunch meeting is a little bit stressful because you have to prepare so many things but you can have a successful lunch meeting if have a good time in preparing the time, date and even the business email invitation.


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