How To Write a Business Relocation Letter to Vendors

There are some instances when a business must relocate in order to maintain an expansion plan, or if they cannot afford to be in their current location anymore.  In the eyes of a vendor, a business that relocates may seem to be in trouble, and this impression can cause the vendor to get skittish and maybe even panic. This in turn can lead to the business losing the vendor permanently.

But a business can keep this unpleasant scenario from coming to pass by constantly communicate with their employees, vendors, investors and especially costumers that they are moving to a better location than what they have at the moment.

Here are some things to consider when writing a business relocation letter to your vendors.

  • List down all the people or groups of people whom you will need to inform about the business relocation. This will include your vendors, banks, credit card institutions, advertisers, government agencies and many others that you will need to be in contact with. There are different types of letters that you will need to make since you have different transactions with each of these groups.
  • You should have your new header on your letter. If you are going to change your company name, then include your new company name, address and contact numbers. This is a clear indication to your vendors that you are relocating your business.
  • What to include in the body: Thank your vendors for they undying support and loyalty to your company and give the impression that you would like for them to continue their service with you even if the company will be in another location at least three weeks upon receiving the letter. Give a simple but understandable explanation why your company is relocating to another location.
  • Assure your vendors that you want them to be with you in your new location. Also restate that you are hoping for the best and growth of your company with their help. You should be able to restate your new location and contact numbers in the body of your letter so that they will also be assured that you want your vendor to be in contact with you if they want to continue their service with you.
  • Meet with your vendors. You can also invite them to a party to formally announce your relocation and be able to thank them for their help to your company. Be sure that you will include the address, date and time of the party.

You may end the letter with once again thanking them and hoping that they will be with you on your next journey. You can attach a small map of the new location so that they will be able to locate your new office easily.

You may also place a copy of your letter on your company's news engine or your website, if you have, or the social networking site that you have a group with. This is to keep your vendors, employees and your clients informed as well.

Relocating your business, whether to a near or far location is a big leap for your company. Keeping in touch with the ones you worked with is a symbol of appreciation for their efforts with you.


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